Battle of the Bangers

Today, we’re pitting isle against isle to see who will arise triumphant in the Battle of the Bangers!


That’s right: the popular Irish Raglan Road is going up against the classic English Rose and Crown to see who’s quintessential dish wins the hearts (stomachs?) of Disney Food Blog readers!

Raglan Road

Rose and Crown

Now, of course I’m going to be completely neutral in this whole thing, but I will explore the differences between the two dishes ;-) Here we go:

Raglan Road

Raglan Road’s version of the dish includes one banger on a bed of mash. Over top the whole thing, though, is a rich Irish beef stew, complete with huge chunks of tender veggies and beef. The dish is quite large — more than enough food for one person — but the contrast of flavors will keep you from getting bored halfway through. The addition of beef stew is Raglan Road’s secret weapon in the Battle of the Bangers.

Raglan Road Bangers and Mash

Rose and Crown

“You don’t mess with a classic,” is the feeling I get when I order Rose and Crown’s version of the dish. Smaller in portion size than Raglan Road’s (admittedly more expensive) version, Rose and Crown delivers three bangers on a bed of extremely smooth mash. The onion gravy on top adds a distinct and traditional flavor to the dish. This punch of rich flavor you get from the bangers and the gravy are Rose and Crown’s best ammunition in the Battle of the Bangers.

Rose and Crown Bangers and Mash

The Battle of the Bangers — Cast Your Vote!

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  1. Peter, Nottingham UK says

    The most important thing for me is a sausage with a high meat content. I’ve voted for the R&C’s traditional ‘Bangers and Mash’ as the one I would most like to try whilst at Disney. The Raglan Road offering is unusual – a bit like an Irish take on a Cassoulet – I think I would enjoy a nice big steaming bowl of Irish Stew on it’s own though served with some soda bread ;) .

  2. says

    Does your Raglan Road ‘vote’ also count towards Cookes of Dublin? The quick service counter of Raglan Road, just wondering.

  3. marci says

    I voted for R&C… even though I haven’t tried the Raglan Road version.. the R&C bangers and mash was so delicious that I’m still thinking about it years later.. I want to say I had it in 1995 and while I can’t remember the specific flavor and taste of it, I do remember thinking it was amazing! you’re right.. don’t mess with a classic!

  4. Sarah (@Duchess_99) says

    I haven’t tried either so I voted for another pint :)
    If I had to choose from the photos, I would go with Rose & Crown because they look like traditional Bangers & Mash. If I’m ordering that, I would expect to get the Rose & Crown version. But I agree with Peter, a nice big bowl of the Irish stew on it’s own with some soda bread would be very enjoyable! :)

  5. says

    Peter — Great to hear the analysis from a “local!” Thank you for your comment!

    Cody — Your vote can mean whatever you want it to! FYI — Raglan Road is pulling ahead by a couple of votes as I write this…

    Marci — The R&C version is delicious, isn’t it? There’s some incredible flavor in that dish!

    Sarah — There’s nothing wrong with another pint! :-) I look forward to hearing your comments when you try them!

  6. Griffin says

    I haven’t tried either, but looking at the pics, i’d go with Raglan Road! So pour me another pint while I decide ;)

  7. says

    I voted for R&C, but since I haven’t actually tried the RR version I should probably have voted for another pint. I dined at R&C for the first time this past February and the bangers & mash was excellent.

  8. Galloping Gourmand says

    The terms “yummy” and “Bangers and Mash” usually don’t do together in my vocabulary. It’s mostly due to my inexplicable aversion to mashed potatoes. I have tasted the bangers in each. Neither, sadly, are traditional Cumberland sausages which is a strike against them in my mind.

    Enough with the griping. I’d have to pick Rose and Crown simply due to the traditional gravy. Putting a sausage and a heap of mash into an Irish stew isn’t bangers and mash. It’s not even pub grub. It’s something different and although I love doing something new with food it strays a little too far from what Bangers and Mash is.

  9. says

    As I was born and raised in the UK (Moved to the US around 1998) I am going to have to go with the classic Rose and Crown. I’m sorry but Raglan doesn’t have the look nor appeal that classic Bangers and Mash should really have.

    I just wish I could reach through the screen and grab those R&C Bangers they look so tasty!

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