A Kitchen Sink Sundae With No Calories! Really!

I was searching for pics of the 2010 Epcot Food and Wine Festival pins and look what I happened to come across!

Beaches and Cream Kitchen Sink Pin

This adorable pin depicting Beaches and Cream‘s most famous dessert — the Kitchen Sink — came available for purchase a month ago on June 24th! Of course, everyone knows that this dessert deserves the recognition; served with two scoops of every single ice cream flavor, every single topping in the place, whole candy bars, oreos, and an entire can of whipped cream, it’s a veritable celebrity!

Here’s a pic of the original:

Kitchen Sink

Of course, if you’re a lucky pin enthusiast, you already have a kitchen sink pin! This fantastic pin from an older set features Chip and Dale tackling the monstrous dessert! Although I haven’t figure out why appear to be tomatoes in it…?

Chip and Dale Kitchen Sink Pin

To order or learn more about the kitchen sink pin, click here.

Thanks again to H. Evans, who kindly posted the kitchen sink photo on our facebook page and allowed us permission to use it!


  1. says

    Kelly and Bethabee — Yeah, I’m really not understanding what those are! ;-) Maybe a pin designer can come over and give us a run-down on what kind of fruits/candies those are! Maybe they’re just more strawberries, but without seeds?

  2. says

    I bet you got a lot of peoples hopes up that their is a dessert on this planet (besides air) that has no calories whatsoever. Chip and Dale are pretty awesome, so that would be a pin to have. That pin is a Hidden Mickey Pin, meaning that only Cast Members have them so it’s going to be a tough one to get a hold of.

    By the way those would have to be Maraschino cherries, the art is just a bit off.

  3. says

    @AJ, Bethabee, Kelly– I think that they ARE Strawberries. The leaves do look like tomatoes in the picture (but in person, they look more like Strawberries). Hope that helps.

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