First Look! Epcot Via Napoli Pictures

Hey all! As we reported, Monday was Via Napoli‘s first day open to walk-in guests, and — lucky us — we got some pics from some wonderful DFB readers! Check out these fantastic photos:

First, a few external shots. You can see that Via Napoli has a completely different “look and feel” from the rest of the Italy pavilion. It’s much more “movie-set” than what you see to the right and left.

How Via Napoli Fits In With The Rest of Italy

A Close Up Shot of the Exterior

Lots of Folks In and Out of Italy Today

Heading inside, you’re greeted by a large lobby and a massive check-in desk. You can see the whole restaurant through the windows of the lobby, and the decor and themeing are colorful as well as light and “airy.” It feels somewhat more like “farmhouse” Italy with a contemporary twist; the brightness of the restaurants, high ceilings, and accent colors remind me a lot of Naples in Disneyland, a sister restaurant to Via Napoli run by the same company — The Patina Group.

Check In Area

Lobby Chandelier

Lobby Tile

Lobby Tile Close Up


From here, you enter into the expanse of the restaurant proper. To your right, you’ll find a room covered in an “aged” fresco depicting nature scenes, trees, grasses, and blue sky. In the center of this part of the restaurant, you’ll find acqua fresca containers holding strawberry, lemon, and blood orange flavors. Outside some double doors is an outdoor seating area.

Acqua Fresca Area and Fresco


Seating Area, Fresco, and Outdoor Seating Area Doors

To your left, you’ll find the three massive wood-fired ovens, Stromboli, Vesuvio, and Etna, named after three active volcanoes in Italy!

Chefs and Show Kitchen

Dining Rooms and Acqua Fresca Containers



Ovens and Show Kitchen

Right down the center of the restaurant you’ll find a looooooooooong light wood table flanked by chairs on either side. This table will be used for large parties or potentially solo diners who would like to mix and mingle with one another.

The Long Table

Throughout the restaurant you’ll find soaring archways, dramatic light fixtures, and clean architecture. The furniture woods are slightly mismatched, furthering the contemporary rustic feeling of the restaurant.

Ceiling Detail

Action Shot at Via Napoli

And, of course, we do have a couple of food shots for you! I hear that this pizza is almost as good as the one they tried in Naples, Italy! “The pizza was delicious: crust perfectly crispy, tomato sauce light & flavorful, cheese creamy & just a bit salty.” (from @PlazaAndMainStreet) This is the pizza margherita. You can see the full Via Napoli menu here.

Bread and Olive Oil

Pizza Margherita

Thumbs Up

Thanks to Deanna Simmons, Tricia Keegan, Gloria Blankenship, and @PlazaAndMainStreet for these incredible photos! I’m much obliged to you all!


  1. says

    Can you imagine being that solo diner who is the first person to sit at that looooong table, waiting for other solos to come over and join you? That will take some courage.

  2. says

    WOW this place looks awesome!! I can’t believe we missed this “soft opening” by 1 day! Man that stinks! But will try to get reservations for Nov. Yeah!
    Great Pictures by the way. Thanks for sharing.

  3. says

    This looks so great. I really cant believe how much like the concept art the outside of teh buidling looks, which is excellent. I also wasnt sure how it’d fit in with Italy, as that area back there seemed small (width wise), but it looks great… Cant wait to try at end of the month!

  4. says

    Holly — Yay! I can’t either. It’s days like this that I wish I lived in Orlando!

    Allen — I think it’ll be a “must-do” for a while! If our experience at Naples in Disneyland is any indication, Via Napoli will be wonderful. Thanks for the WDWMagic link! Great photos!!

    Gray — No kidding! I think I’d still grab a table of my own!

    Dana — That’s so sad! I’m sorry you missed it! I’m going to be on the horn getting ressies as soon as they open on Friday!

    Cody — Looking forward to your review at the end of the month (hint hint) ;-)

  5. says

    Great pictures! It looks cute and the pizza looks pretty good as well. I’ll have to fit this one in when I am there in November!

  6. Scott B says

    Will the online ADRs open before the WDW Dine phones? If everyone is calling I better get on the website.

  7. says

    Do you think it’ll be tough to get in with walkins before they allow ADRs? I’m debating whether to go on the first day of our trip (Sept 8, before ADRs are available) or later in the trip (a few days after they allow ADRs.)

  8. Mark W says

    Wow. This is great. Having spent quite a bit of time in Italy, I can say that Via Napoli looks WAY nicer than just about any pizzeria you’d find in Italy, but the Pizza Margherita looks spot on – EXACTLY like real Italian pizza. Can’t wait to try it!

  9. says

    I am a total pizza addict, and this is the first place on property that might really deliver the goods. Excellent pictures. I am so anxious to explore it myself that I almost ran out last night, in spite of the fact that it was pouring down rain.

  10. says

    These are some really great pictures. I happened to already see one of the ovens though. I like how they are shaped like heads and the nod towards the active volcanoes.

    This looks like a very nice restaraunt, but the menu could use a bit of a spruce up in terms of food.

    That idea of the long table is a great idea for individuals, but I think that I would stick with getting my own table. (preferably one near the long table though so I could view those sorts)

    Heather, I would suggest making an ADR for a little while after they open as then you will be guaranteed a table. They open up on Friday, so jump on it! :D

  11. KimandGoofy says

    We were there in September, 2010. My husband born and raised in Napoli, Italy and being a “Pizza Man” in Jersey was impressed with the pizza and food here. The Zeppolis were just like my nonna’s. Great place for the family!

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