2011 Disney Dining Plan

A sneak peek at the 2011 PDFs describing the Walt Disney World Disney Dining Plan are available. While not too much has changed besides the Le Cellier 2-credit dinner, it’s still worth it to check out the links when you’re planning for next year.

Note: Many of the restaurants not owned and operated by Disney do not sign on to the Dining Plan until later in the year, so if you see holes in the list, that’s why. This is just a sneak peek.

Head over to our Disney Dining Plan individual pages to see the new links and read more about the Disney Dining Plan:
Standard Dining Plan
Quick Service Dining Plan
Deluxe Dining Plan
Premium Dining Plan
Platinum Dining Plan
Wine and Dine Add-On

Thanks to Pudge the Fish for combing the details!


  1. Angelique says

    In 2011 we are staying in the Coronado Springs Resort, and have a QS Dining Plan.
    It looks like we can’t use this anymore in the restaurants in Coronado Springs…..?
    Bummer :s

  2. Pudge the Fish says

    2011 Dining Plan Prices from disneyworld.com

    Plus Dining Plan

    Value and Regular Season
    $45.99/adult (2010 was $41.99)
    $11.99/child (no change)

    Peak Season
    $47.99/adult (2010 was $46.99)
    $12.99/child (no change)

    Quick Service Plan

    Value, Regular and Peak Season
    $34.99/adult (2010 was $31.99)
    $11.99/child (2010 was 10.99)

    Deluxe Dining Plan

    Value, Regular and Peak Season
    $78.99/adult (2010 was $71.99)
    $21.99/adult (2010 was $20.99)

    To the best of my knowledge, these are accurate rates based upon calculates that I have made this morning. Sorry I have note yet determined the the start and end dates for each season.

  3. Evan says

    Angelique- The first release of the dining plan participants is never the complete list because Disney has to finalize the deals with their operating participants. Both restaurants at Coronado are not owned or operated by Disney so they are probably still ironing out the details. I would be very surprised if they aren’t included.

  4. says

    According to my calculations, here are the peak periods for the Disney Dining plan price increases:

    February 17 – 26, 2011
    March 11 – April 30, 2011
    June 3 – August 13, 2011
    December 21 – 31, 2011

    As with most things with Disney, price is based on the date you check in, so if you check in outside the peak periods, but your stay extends into a peak period, you will be charged the cheaper price for your entire stay.

  5. Lynne says

    Okay….the QSDP is new to me, but with it being free, that’ll be the deal when we go next month. With something like Pizzafari, on the “brouchure” it shows it as being a qualifying restaurant and lists lunch and dinner. I really like it for breakfast, so are only lunch and dinner included in the DP, or can we go in for breakfast and use a CS credit?

  6. says

    Pudge and Evan — Thank you!!!

    Angelique — Yep — hope that clears it up. Most of the restaurants sign on eventually before January.

    Mousemisers — Thank you for the info!

    Lynne — Looks like it’s just Lunch and Dinner in 2011. Not sure about 2010. :-(

  7. Pudge the Fish says

    Glad to share AJ! It looks like a lot other blogs/boards have grabbed hold of this info from your wonderful site.

    I think that the only correction that I need to make is that the quick service plan was only $9.99 for children in 2010. Like so many other retailers, Disney loves those prices that end in 99 cents. I rounded up too much! :)

    Others are reporting slightly different numbers. I did take several calculations to verify these numbers. (I think Disney’s own website had a few bugs to work out this morning because I also received some conflicting numbers.) However I only posted numbers that I could confirm after researching multiple date scenarios.

  8. Christina says

    Does anyone know how I can get free dining if I am going during what disney calls their “black out period”.. I booked my reservation with out knowing this. I wouldnt mind changing my reservation but I have already booked my airfare and the airlines wont change without HUGE penalities and fees. I called Disney and they state they sometimes offer deals closer to time. We are going in April 2011. I have been to Disney 3 times now and tried to get them to give us free dining but they wont budge.. ANY SUGGESTIONS???

  9. says

    Christina — Unfortunately, free dining isn’t something that is negotiable. When Disney says there’s a black out period, that means that they are NOT offering free dining during that period of time. Take a look at the amount you would save if you re-booked your reservation under a free dining period and compare that to the amount of the airline penalties. If you’re still going to come out on top with re-booking and saving money on your food, switch your reservation.

  10. Amy says

    Any rumors of Disney extending the free dining into October 2011?? If they were to extend it, when do you think it would be available to be booked??

  11. says

    Amy — no idea, as the free dining being held in the beginning of the year is unprecedented. I don’t know if they’ll extend it or not, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear!

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