News! Germany’s Karamelle-Küche Opening Date Set

Dipping Caramel Apples at Disney

According to WDWMagic, the brand new Werther’s caramel shop in Germany, Karamelle-Küche (or Caramel Kitchen) will open September 22, 2010!

You’ll recall, this is the shop that will be replacing the old Glas und Porzellan shop at the entrance to the Germany pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase.

The store will be branded with Werther’s, and will feature a show kitchen where cast members will be creating caramel popcorn and apples, caramel-covered strawberries, and more for guests to see!

The shop will also sell gourmet caramels, cookies, brownies, fudge, and cupcakes. This is the only free-standing shop in the world for Storck, the makers of Werther’s candies, so there will be some one-of-a-kind items there as well.

We’ll see you there!


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    Oh No…they took way the glass vendor or just an inside store? If the German glass guy is gone I’m terribly depressed as I always want to get a German glass stein and kept putting it off! I’ll enjoy the caramel treats though I guess. Caramel over chocolate? I don’t know Leigh…

  2. says

    Wow, a Caramel shop is really unique and out of the ordinary. Usually they just cover it by having a candy shop that has caramel.

    I wonder what “one of a kind items” means? I’m interested in seeing how this does.

    Also, if they could have some caramel brownies that would probably be magnificent!

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    Caramel covered strawberries sound pretty good, I’ve never heard of that before. I hadn’t heard of this new place opening, but it sounds like it could become a favorite place to stop!

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    Leigh — I’m not sure I’d choose it over chocolate, but I’ll bet there will be plenty of caramel AND chocolate goodies for me there! :-) Hope to see you in Florida!

    Melissa Sue — My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

    James — I bet the glass vendor will still be outside…of course, what do I know! ;-) Fingers crossed you’ll get the best of both worlds (glass and caramel).

    Josh — We used to make caramel brownies for football games on the weeknds. I would LOVE to see them in WDW!

    Molly — No kidding! I’m really eager to see WDW include some new specialty food shops — it seems like everything’s getting really homogenized at a lot of the other confectionery shops.

    Rhonda — Karamelle (like caramel) and the second word is like “Koosha” :-)

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