Sweet Starts: Belgian Waffle Preview for 2010 Epcot Food & Wine Festival

The brand new Belgium Booth at the 2010 Epcot Food & Wine Festival will offer freshly baked waffles with berry compote and whipped cream paired with Godiva chocolate iced coffee.

Belgian Waffle From New Belgium Kiosk at F&W Festival

Head over to our Belgium Booth page to see a pic of the Godiva chocolate iced coffee!

The United States pavilion also showcases a delicious new dish this year: a sampling of heirloom tomatoes with Oregon blue cheese, red onions and fresh basil. Click here for photo:

Heirloom Tomato and Bleu Cheese Dish From United States Pavilion

You can see Epcot Food and Wine Festival booth menus of this year’s International Marketplace Booths, along with pictures of many of the items, over on our International Marketplace Booth page! Just click on each country link to see more!

Thanks to Stitchkingdom for the heads up!


  1. Ro says

    The waffle looks yummy, but also like it’ll be difficult to eat without finding a table so you can use both hands.

  2. Liz says

    86 days until I have a Belgium waffle and some Godiva chocolate iced coffee! Epcot will be the first park I visit!

  3. says

    Elisabeth — I know! And healthy!

    Ro — True, but I bet the actual one we’ll get at the festival will have a little less “gloop.” :-)

    Liz — It’s gonna be awesome!

  4. says

    That waffle looks delish! I thought id try it out, now I KNOW I’m going to try it out.. lol.. Ill be there opening day!

  5. Brenda says

    they look great but I will reserve judgement until I see and eat them in person … I’ve learned that the glossy photos don’t usually stand up to what we get at the booths! Still doesn’t stop us from eating like gluttonous pigs, though!

  6. says

    Cody — I’ll see you there!

    Brenda — Agreed! I bet the tomato salad will look similar on the plate, but I’m guessing I’m not getting that kind of whipped cream flourish from the stand! ;-)

    Kelly — Oh, I know!

  7. Galloping Gourmand says

    I was wondering how America would represent such a diverse culinary area. I’m glad to see the tomato dish as light fare seems to be missing from so many of the other booths.

    (my fantasy? Daily BBQ cook off with folks from Texas, the Carolinas, and points in between representing the regional styles. Hey, a guy can dream.)

  8. SharonC says

    Whoever tries the waffle and iced coffee first, PLEASE post how deliciously devine they are so I can live vicariously through you until I am in there in person on Oct. 23….

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