The Latest in Disney Food Fashion…

For those who love Mickey Bars and Popcorn so much that they don’t just want to eat them…

…they also want to wear them!

Scratch and Sniff Mickey Bar Ear Hat

Scratch and Sniff Popcorn Ear Hat

And don’t forget that these ear hats don’t just look purdy…they smell purdy, too!

Scratch and Sniff Mickey Bar

Popcorn Scratch and Sniff

So, the only thing you have left to decide is: Are you “Cool and Sweet” or “Fresh and Hot?” ;-) Either way, you can get your own foodie Mickey ears at Le Chapeau in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

Thanks to Morgan and Jeff Rooks for the Mickey Bar photo!


  1. James (Disneynorth) says

    Anyone know if the hats come in Adult size? The Disney Store site only lists kid size. I’m hoping to pick these up in 41 more sleeps….

  2. Diane says

    @James. They do come in adult sizes. I bought the Mickey Bar one in June for my dog (I know, I know). He’s a big fellow so I had to buy adult ears. I bought it in Tomorrowland. Don’t remember the name of the store but it is the big round (or roundish) one.

  3. Griffin says

    These are really cute! I wonder if they are limited edition like alot of things or just standard hats now?

  4. says

    I know what popcorn smells like, but I’ve never heard of Mickey Bars smelling.

    Would it be a sort of Chocolate smell?

  5. John M says

    They do have a chocolatey smell. It’s kinda odd. They’ve been at DL/DCA for 10 months or so (and you can get them here at about every hat store and World of Disney).

  6. says

    James and Diane — Thanks for clearing up the adult sizes thing! :-) James — will you wear yours to Foodie Fest?!?

    Dana — Fun!! Which ones?!?

    Griffin — They’ve been around for a while now, so I hope they stay!

    Stacey — Not sure on this one. They’re sold in Le Chapeau, so I know they’ll have the “ability” to personalize them.

    James — I know!

    Josh and John — Thanks for talking scent! I think that’s the coolest part.

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