The Mystery of the Pink, Blue, and White Cupcakes

If there’s one thing you know about me by now, it’s that I love Disney cupcakes. I want to try every kind of Disney cupcake ever made and document the process for you, but I realized something very interesting recently.

There’s one type of Disney cupcake I haven’t yet tasted…but oddly I have over a dozen pictures of them:

I call these the “Pink, Blue, and White Cupcakes,” because those are the most common forms I see them take. (I once saw Halloween orange — below, in back — but never again.)

Sprinkles can be different — multi-colored, black-white-red, pastel, primary, all one color — it changes all the time. Cake can be different — I’ve seen chocolate and vanilla, and it almost looks like the one closest to us below could be spice/carrot? But the frosting is always the same. Pink. White. Blue. Three swirls.

It’s a mystery to me why I’ve never tried these, but since I have so many pictures of them I figured I owed it to myself to figure out what’s keeping me from pulling the proverbial sugary trigger. Here are my theories:

1. They look like they’re made out of plastic, so I think they’re going to taste like plastic. Or worse, they’ll taste like that horrible “store-bought-in-the-tube” decorating frosting…or play doh.

2. The color is so saturated on the pink and blue versions that I know I’ll end up walking around with bright pink or bright blue lips all day.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. Neither of those theories are good enough to keep the world’s biggest Disney cupcake fan from trying these cupcakes. And my subconscious agrees with you, clearly, because I’ve been taking pictures of them for years.

So, I promise you — and me — that I will try these cupcakes on my trip to Disney World next month and give you my honest review of them. Blue lips and all.

In the meantime, for those of you who HAVE tried these, keep telling me that they won’t taste like I’m biting into a row of nickle nips.


  1. says

    It’s just the Standard Disney World Cupcake, and it’s Just Okay. The cake is pretty moist with a good crumb, and the frosting is fairly sugary and airy, not rich like a Buttercream frosted cupcake would be. It’s pretty decent stuff, even if the Whole Foods 5 minutes up I-4 makes better cupcakes than anywhere at Disney at half the cost. Yes, they’ve spoiled me.

    I’m fairly sure that these standard cupcakes are using a mix and some sort of premade frosting, and probably are pretty shelf-stable, so take that into consideration too. Of course the funnel cakes are made from a mix and nobody ever seems to mind, so take that how you will.

  2. says

    OMG those look delicious, you make me want to head over to Starring Rolls Cafe or Boardwalk Bakery right now! haha

  3. Allison says

    Have eaten the chocolate cupcake with white icing, and vouch for its tastiness! Very delicious, moist and does not taste like plastic. :-) We got ours from the Main Street Bakery, if that helps.

  4. geraldine - snow says

    i have never seen them LOL….and i LOVE cupcakes, where are they?! ill try any cupcake no matter how plain they are :)

  5. Jennifer says

    Gross!! Pretty to look at gross to eat! I fell for it and bought my daughter one, she took one bite and didn’t want anymore. The icing was very, very dense and not that sweet – like crisco! The cake part was OK but for some reason it was very, very cold – I think to keep the icing stiff they need to keep the cases cold and it’s too cold for the cake. We also got ours at the Main Street Confectionery.

    Can’t wait to hear your review.

  6. Emily says

    The mystery cupcake is (if I remember correctly) apple with cream cheese frosting. The first time I tried the plain vanilla cupcake I was not a fan. I’m not sure if it was a fluke or if the recipe has changed since then, but I’ve gotten them a few more times and they are GOOD. And I was completely surprised that the blue frosting didn’t stain my teeth. For those saying it did – try brushing!

  7. Betty says

    The first thing I see when I see these colors are the pink and blue mickey head balloons they sell, they almost seem to match…….

  8. says

    That looks like the cupcake I got at the 50’s Prime Time Diner for my birthday.. and I don’t know if it had quite as much frosting, but it was very similar, plain white frosting, but it was surprisingly delicious! Don’t be too scared :)

  9. Sara says

    The only reason I have tasted these cupcakes is because I traveled to Disney with my boyfriend’s three nieces who had to have these treats at every meal.

    I do have to say, that I was pleasantly surprised by these cupcakes. I shied away from them as well, due to their coloring and fear that they would taste store-bought and less than stellar.

    They’re definitely worth a try, especially for a cupcake aficionado. But they do leave you with a blue or red tinged tongue for a little while ;)


  10. carolyn says

    Uh-oh….these do not look blowing-calorie worthy to me, although they are cute! Stick with the Butterfinger “gourmet” ones…. if you’re going to blow calories it’s gotta be worth it! (love the Mickey confetti!)

  11. says

    Well, if these are just the “generic” Walt Disney World cupcakes does that mean they can be found anywhere? I read over the article about three times and did not see a location mentioned.

    These look pretty good, and it’s really hard to mess up a cupcake. Disney usually does a pretty good job with making cupcakes, but I agree that the frosting looks a tad artificial and not so great tasting.

  12. Galloping Gourmand says

    These look about 50% frosting, which most agree is the best part of the cupcake.* Yes, this is the sickly sweet airy frosting but still quite frostinglicious. Cheers!

    *those who disagree are what we call in the business “WRONG!”

  13. Lorraine says

    I can’t really judge these cupcakes, do to the fact that for me, they held a bit of an unpleasant surprise! After a day at Magic Kingdom, my friend and I purchased two pink cupcakes to indulge in a bit later; however, upon my first bite, I discovered the cupcakes wound up containing strawberry flavor–something I personally wasn’t too fond of, considering I’m allergic! Suffice to say I didn’t eat the rest, but the one bite I DID have was pretty standard–not bad, but nothing compared to the Butterfinger Cupcake I ate the day before. :)

  14. says

    You’re just scared to try them because you don”t want to be let down. They’re so pretty! It’s like learning the awful truth about those pre-fab cookies grocery store bakeries use to sell — like the ones that were shaped like green leaves with chocolate on the inside that looked good but tasted like cardboard.

  15. says

    at disneyworld, stomach space is a hot commodity. you’ve never tried one of these because you’d rather eat something more spectacular & appetizing. no offense, disney, but these look like your regular ol’ cupcakes that you can get at the grocery store. and are you kidding me at $2.95 each?!

    however, i would NEVER turn this cupcake down if someone gave one to me. ;)

  16. Lura says

    Looks like a case of too much frosting to me. Call me WRONG if you like, but for me the best cupcake has a more subdued frosting to cake ratio. If the frosting on these isn’t outta this world (and with all that food coloring, its probably got a severe chemical backtaste) I would definitely call them “not worth it”.

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