Guest Review: Captain’s Grille

Thanks to Julie Strachan Haiber for reporting on her recent breakfast visit to Captain’s Grille in Disney’s Yacht Club Resort! Julie is a WDW annual passholder, past Disney bride, and moderator on, a site dedicated to Disney Weddings and honeymoon planning. Thanks for taking the time to write up your review, Julie! Take it away!

I recently had the opportunity to enjoy a scrumptious and low-key breakfast at the Captain’s Grille (formerly Yacht Club Galley) at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. A wonderful option exists at the Captain’s Grille for those looking for a sit down meal with a great variety in breakfast offerings! This restaurant is an undiscovered gem. At the height of breakfast the restaurant had numerous open tables, compared to the bursting at the seams Cape May Café at the sister Beach Club resort.

The Captain’s Grille is right off the lobby of the Yacht Club. The décor is consistent with the resort lobby, but uses lighter woods and an open floor plan. Tables are bordered with semaphore flag details like one might see on actual ships. A passerby can gaze in upon the diners through the openings (or portholes if you will) in the walls.

Captain's Grille Decor

Ship Sideboard Decor

Model Ship Decor

Dining Room

Table Setting

Breakfast diners have the option of an a la carte menu, or an all you can eat buffet. On this particular occasion, we opted for the a la carte menu. I indulged in a sweet breakfast of Buttermilk Chocolate Chip pancakes, while my husband, Rory, enjoyed the unusual Eggs Benedict offering, made with Prosciutto!

Breakfast Menu -- Click Image for Larger Version

The Buttermilk Chocolate Chip pancakes were indeed delectable. At first glance there didn’t seem to be many chips on the plate, but on flipping over the pancakes, it was obvious that this meal would be a chocolate lover’s delight! Served warm with maple syrup, it was just the sugar rush I needed to start my day. The pancakes are served with bacon or sausage.

Pancakes Right Side Up

Pancakes Upside Down

Butter and Syrup

Side of Bacon

Rory found the Eggs Benedict to be one of the better breakfasts of our many meals in WDW! The meal was a pleasant variation on the traditional Canadian bacon offering. The Prosciutto was lean and savory and added an extra hint of saltiness to the meal.

Eggs Benedict with Prosciutto and Breakfast Potatoes

The service was fast and friendly, and the restaurant was able to accommodate walk ups. Beverages are served at the start of the meal (hot coffee or tea, juice, milk), and are freely refilled throughout your morning. I recommend the Captain’s Grille for a change of pace from your action packed mornings trying to snap photos of Mickey between trips to the buffet. When you want to sit and enjoy your breakfast and a quick service just won’t do, this place is delicious!

Thanks again, Julie! Follow Julie on twitter at @juliebird27!


  1. Heather says

    I just have to add to this review! We had our last lunch on property at Captain’s Grille at the Yacht Club! I had the half sandwich and soup! I opted for half a shrimp salad sandwich and clam chowder! This was a great meal! The clam chowder was thick and hot and full of clams and hunks of potato! The sandwich, which came on a croissant was a meal in and of itself! The salad had just the right amount of dressing and great celery for crunch! We’re definitely going to eat here again when we are in the neighborhood. I think both boys had the burger and neither were disappointed! I think they enjoyed them more than our meal at Beaches and Cream earlier that week!

  2. says

    Do you normally need ADRs for this place at lunch? I’m always looking for quiet places to go just outside of the parks and this is pretty easy to get to from Epcot.

  3. geraldine - "snow" says

    ah man that breakfast looks so great! i’ll have to see about eating there, never have and will definitely have the chocolate pancakes LOL :x

  4. JulFromMD says

    We did the breakfast buffet in December and were shocked at how low the price was but how awesome the offerings were. It was by far one of the best breakfasts we’ve had on property!

  5. says

    Aw man, we had an ADR here during our honeymoon and now I’m sad I missed it! The only breakfasts I have had are Kona Cafe, Olivia’s Cafe, Tusker House and Whispering Canyon Cafe. But I will definitely add this to my list.

  6. Dan says

    The breakfast buffet here is simply amazing! Every time my family goes to WDW we make time for breakfast here.

  7. says

    The Captain’s Grille looks like a very quant and fascinating place to visit.

    The neatest thing there looks like the Model Ships, and I wish there were a better picture of the one in the case that you have.

    I don’t get why there is even an option for the breakfast menu, unless they are trying to make some extra money it really doesn’t make sense to have an a la cart menu.

    Does anyone happen to know how the service is here and is the Disney’s Yacht Club Resort convenient?

  8. Alan says

    This makes me sad. Here’s why. The Yacht Club has such a nice looking buffet menu and you can get a la carte too! Our favorite resort is Port Orleans Riverside (Dixie Landings was a grand old name) where for a reasonable rate you get some of the most beautiful grounds on the entire Disney property. We used to have a great table service breakfast there. But sadly they shut down the breakfast. It was the home of one of the great stuffed french toast; an equal to the french toast at the Polynesian. Now, unless you want to take a ride in your car or a bus trip, all you can eat for breakfast is the counter service meals which are o.k. but not the great selections and good looking food in the above review.

    Great review and I look forward to trying it on our next trip.

  9. says

    Heather — Awesome review! I have lunch booked at Captain’s Grille for October and now I’m looking forward to it even more!

    chris — I’m pretty sure you rarely need ADRs here, but since you’ll be there during free dining and again during the Christmas crunch, it might be useful.

    geraldine — Great points on the “underrated” restaurants!

    SWG — You hit some great breakfast spots! This will just be the cherry on top when you get there.

    Dan — Thanks for the review and corroboration! Very cool!

    Josh — Service is usually pretty good throughout the Yacht Club. And it’s very convenient to Epcot and DHS — just a 5-10 minute walk from World Showcase!

    Alan — Was the restaurant still Boatwrights when they had the breakfast you’re talking about?

  10. marci says

    I hardly eat sit down breakfasts at WDW and I’ve never been to this restaurant but those eggs might make me change my mind! They look so yummy! I’m more into savory foods for breakfast but my choc-o-holic husband would LOVE those pancakes as he likes sweet breakfasts! Great post!

  11. Alan says

    AJ – Yes it was. We had a sit down breakfast as late as maybe 3 years ago. I think 2007 was the last year. When they merged the two resorts in 2002 they changed the names of the lounge and food court but not the restaurant.

  12. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Captain’s Grille! Ive eaten Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner there. Infact, Ive just eaten dinner there both Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Its a fantastic restaurant, and ive always had great service, and food.

    AND most of the time you can always walk up and find a table, no ADR needed.

  13. Alana says

    THanks so much for everyone’s reviews. THis really helped my family plan where to go for a great breakfast. These chocolate pancakes look like a hidden surprise and I can’t wait to dig into them (if I get them). I know that more than half my family would be up for eating those great Eggs Benedict. Thanks for helping me decide how to make my vacation the best ever!!

    PS– chocolate pancakes RULE!

  14. Jama says

    Captain’s Grill was the best restaurant we ate at while at Disney! I highly recommend the Lump Crab Cakes!! My family is still talking about them! The Captain’s Grill is easy to get into and very kid friendly as well!!

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