Riding Off to Sleepy Hollow

We’re transported back to the year 1790 in Dutch Tarry Town, New York. The more detailed location is Sleepy Hollow (which has yet to become an official town), and here we find the memory of a star-crossed couple, Ichabod Crane and Katrina Van Tassel…

You never know what to expect with those brilliant Imagineers. Believe it or not, you’re actually in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom theme park — at a counter-service location, no less. Sleepy Hollow (the snack spot, not the town) is located just southwest of Cinderella Castle and marks the entrance of Liberty Square.

Sleepy Hollow

The location references the 1949 “Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad,” which included the Legend of Sleepy Hollow — a Washington Irving classic done Disney-style. Around Sleepy Hollow, you’ll find memories from the film, like the locket above, depicting Ichabod and Katrina. You’ll also find a collection of pumpkins, of course, representing the Headless Horseman — Ichabod’s pursuer.

Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Decor

But even the style of the building is reminiscent of story author Washington Irving. According to the Disney Parks Blog, the structure was based on Irving’s own home in Tarry Town:

Washington Irving's Home in Tarry Town, NY

Sleepy Hollow is a great place to stop and relax for a bit. With ample seating — and even some in the shade — it’s ideal for a mid-afternoon snack.

Sleepy Hollow Seating

Sleepy Hollow Seating

As a snack stop, primarily, Sleepy Hollow offers ice cream, coffee, espresso, cappuccino, Coke and Root Beer floats, funnel cakes, and even some Mickey Waffles and chicken soup from time to time.

Menu -- click for larger image

Sleepy Hollow Eats

Mickey Waffle

But the most beloved thing on the menu has to be the homemade ice cream cookie sandwich. You’ve heard us talk about these before, and they truly are worth standing in line for!

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

What’s your favorite treat from Sleepy Hollow? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. Kevin says

    I used to make Sleepy Hollow a stop on every trip to the Magic Kingdom because they had the best caramel corn I had eaten anywhere. It’s been a couple of years since it’s been gone and I mourn its loss every time I walk past.

  2. says

    AJ, i’ve been MIA but i’m back! ;)

    thanks for reminding me where i can find this delectable treat. i just adore freshly made ice cream cookie sandwiches! i can’t wait to try this.

    btw, have you ever had the cappuccino float?

  3. jill says

    My husband and I enjoy a quiet funnel cake and coffee for breakfast. We can make it to about pirates before the sugar rush kicks in! What a great story behind this quaint snack spot. I never noticed the locket, where is that? I’m hungry now!

  4. says

    Sorry, but this menu is cracking me up, “so uhhh do you want soup or a waffle?…c’mon lady, I haven’t got all day!” No? Just me?

  5. says

    A while ago they used to have fresh made caramel corn at sleepy hollow. It was always my favorite park treat and I was sad to see it go :-(

  6. says

    WOAH! Ive never noticed all those details in the windows, thanks for sharing AJ. My fave is the Ice Cream Sandwich Cookie.

  7. Aubrey says

    this ice cream sandwich is on my eating “to do” list (that’s right…your blog forced me to make a to do list for my wdw snacking ventures. lol). I can’t tell from the pic of the menu–is it still a snack credit?

  8. Alan says

    I love history. My favorite spot and restful moment in the MK is to sit under the Liberty Tree while my wife is in the Christmas shop. However, I have never particularly noticed the Sleepy Hollow snack shop. And, I’m a big Washington Irving fan, I even spent a Halloween afternoon looking around the old cemetery at Sleepy Hollow. Here we have a replica of his house and I never noticed it. I don’t usually eat sweets or drink coffee during the day so maybe that is why.

    Next time there, I’ll be all over it. Thanks for making me aware AJ

  9. says

    Terrific research and really fun blog post. The elements from the Washington Irving house blows my mind. Nice job!

    It would have been so much cheaper and easier to do some generic “colonial Philadelphia” style building, but they had to plus the story and background. This is why I geek out about WDW so much!

  10. says

    Kevin and Beth — I know. The loss of the caramel corn is a sad one :-( Thanks for memorializing it here.

    robin — YAY! Missed you in the comments! I haven’t had the cappuccino float…yet!

    Heather — Agreed. Perfect time for a funnel cake! And this is the perfect spot for parade watching!

    Jill — The locket is in the window, sitting on the Sleepy Hollow book! :-) You have to go around to the side to see it. Quiet breakfasts are so nice in the parks, aren’t they?

    Kelly — Ha! I can hear the Brooklyn accent! ;-) The menu changes up every now and again, but some of these are standards. I love that you can (could?) get soup there!

    Cody — That’s my fav, too. But I think I’m hard-wired to get an ice cream sandwich cookie whenever available. :-)

    Aubrey — It’s no longer listed as a snack credit on this menu :-( What else is on your “to-do” list? :-)

    Alan — Glad to share the info! I found all the little details while I was there last year, but the Disney Parks Blog clued me into the house replica! I had no idea! I wonder how many more of those “Imagineering secrets” we walk by every day in the parks and will never know…

    John — Geek out, for sure!! I love the history of WDW. My kids are going to despise me when we eventually go to the parks, because I’ll turn it into a history lesson!

  11. Maumeemom says

    We usually stop for a mid morning snack of a Mickey Waffle at Sleepy Hollow. It is the perfect place to relax while a runner goes to get fast passes for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

  12. says

    After all my years going to Disney, I’ve never stopped here. I’ll have to try the ice cream sandwich and the funnel cakes on my next trip in November.

  13. says

    I tried the ice cream sandwich earlier this year for the first time and it was quite tasty (same ice cream sandwich as found at Hollywood Scoops in DHS). It’s a great spot for something to eat before a parade.

  14. carolyn says

    My first trip to WDW was in 1999. I remember waiting for The Festival of the Lion King and there was a Chip and Dale cookie place there selling ice cream sandwiches. They were sooo good! My sister and I obsessed about them for some time after and when I told her I was going to WDW in ’04, she immediately said “You have to get the ice cream cookie sandwich at Chip and Dale!” Sadly it was closed down and I never got to have one. In ’05, it was gone and there was soft-serve sold instead (sniff, sniff). So…. to see the cookie sammy makes me want to fly out of here today and get one ! A must on my next trip!

  15. says

    I have yet to be into Sleepy Hollow, but by the looks of the menu it sure is a pure Snack Spot!

    Is this the only counter service place to get mickey waffles?

  16. Galloping Gourmand says

    I was surprised by the high quality of the food. It’s all practically cooked to order, which is important when it comes to fried dough and waffles. (hm… fried dough waffles…) They tend to get doughy or damp if they sit at all. The seating provides a great view of the castle’s holiday “icicles.” The side of the castle isn’t decorated in them so it looks like a sheet doing diagonally down the side. Quite pretty.

  17. danielle says

    I had no idea the caramel corn was gone :( I was just telling my boyfriend and his son how awesome it was. We are going in February and it’s the 10 year old’s first time and he couldn’t wait to try it. Is there anywhere else in the WDW to get it?

  18. says

    Danielle — Not sure on this one! You can purchase pre-packaged caramel corn in all of the candy stores, though!

  19. luvmychaos says

    Love all the back story you provide! Is there a guidebook or something that breaks down all the different locations & how the Imagineers bring stories to life? My DH would LOVE to spout off little known Disney facts while we’re there in Dec! I don’t know why I never noticed that a restaurant is never just a restaurant in DisneyWorld!

  20. Beth says

    I LOVE The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – Irving’s book, the Disney classic version, Johnny Depp’s movie version, etc. (Like the previous comment from Alan, I am a history buff.) I enjoyed their funnel cake when I was there a few years ago. But didn’t get to take in all the details of the building…it was very crowded (a June visit) plus I had 3 kids with me! We will be at WDW this September for a week long vacation and have tickets already for the MNSSHP. The headless horseman parade start sounds amazing! Thanks for the details for this snack spot! Will look around better next time. And I have heard a lot about those cookie sandwiches – sounds yum! A fun read. :o)

    P.S. Your blog has helped me a great deal in planning our ADRs and snack list for our trip!

  21. Lisa says

    Sleepy Hollow and a Cappuccino float is a tradition for me, I always get one before finding a spot to sit and watch the parade – they are out of this world!!! I was also very sad to see the best caramel corn gone last trip as well :(
    Love the back story, thanks – I will definitely take more notice of the detail when I am there in a couple of weeks time. :)

  22. joann says

    I really miss the caramel corn as well. I did find out that the Karamell-Küche store in Epcot (Germany) has caramel corn! It’s very yummy! It’s never been hot when I bought it though.

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