Disneyland’s Treat of the Month: Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter Mickey Cookie

Disneyland’s bakeries are tempting me yet again with September’s Treat of the Month!

Disneyland's Treat of the Month -- Peanut Butter Mickey Cookie Dipped in Chocolate

This Giant Mickey Mouse Peanut Butter Cookie is dipped in chocolate, then drizzled with even more chocolate! Get one of your very own during the month of September for $4.95 at select candy locations including Marceline’s Confectionery, Candy Palace and more.


  1. Galloping Gourmand says

    Are those little peanut pieces in there? Why, I think they are! They thought of everything!

  2. Corey says

    They make these in a choc chip variety and have them at both DL and WDW now (DD has had them at both in the past year). They’re actually not bad cookies either (like the sugar cookies with the Mickey face on them).

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