Photos of La Hacienda de San Angel

Here are a few recent photos of La Hacienda de San Angel with no tarps!

New Mexico Pavilion Landscape

View from the Lagoon

Hacienda de San Angel

Outdoor Lagoon Seating

Hacienda de San Angel Outdoor Seating Area

La Cantina

Cantina Seating

Fore more details on La Hacienda de San Angel, including menus, see our Hacienda de San Angel page!

Thanks to Global Disney Pinvestigation for the photos.

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  1. Emma, from Surrey, England says

    wow it looks beautiful… trying to work out if we can squeeze in an ADR there during this December’s trip! ;)

  2. Galloping Gourmand says

    Oh, I feel like Dr. No. I hate how it looks from the in context with the rest of the pavilion. That beautiful pyramid in the background is now dwarfed by a fairly standard southwest looking building. It throws the forced perspective of the pyramid off and just makes it seem tall, whereas before you felt like the pyramid loomed in the background. The Mexico and Norway pavilions hold a special place in my heart for a few reasons so

    On the other hand I have high hopes for the food. I’ve heard nothing but good about the sponsor companies work over in the Italy pavilion. By all accounts they are the first place to make a decent pizza at WDW outside of Downtown Disney. I’ll be checking it out in October.


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