Disneyland’s Seismic Shakes

An afternoon in Disney California Adventure just calls for a great Disneyland Corn Dog, right? And after that, what other option do you have besides diving immediately into something sweet? We’d been intrigued earlier in the day by the the Sam Andreas Shakes, where the “seismic ice cream” is “delicious to a fault!” (oy.)

Their promise of “extra rich” ice cream and milk shakes won us over, so we headed to the Sam Andreas stand — which happens to be located right across the way from the Farmers Market (we were pretty trapped by the High School Musical parade).

San Andreas Shakes Menu

My husband chose the extra thick Vanilla “After Shake,” while I couldn’t help myself and had to go for the “Bug’s Land Sensation” Shaker o’ Mud (chocolate cookies blended into the shake followed by a gummy worm topping…).

Vanilla After Shake

Shaker o' Mud

Of course, the extra thickness means that you have to suck your lips into your face to actually consume any of the shake, so I quickly switched to a spoon!

The shakes were, indeed, “extra rich,” and we were soon overwhelmed by the sweetness! I think we each got through about half of our shakes before we had to give up the ghost, but we both deemed the shakes worthy opponents and would definitely recommend them as a full meal in themselves. ;-)

Have you tried these or other milkshakes in Disney Parks? What are your favorite suggestions?

UPDATE: Sadly, the OC Register has just let me know that San Andreas Shakes is soon to become a thing of the past :-( This and the other farmers market locations are being paved to make way for Cars Land, opening in 2012! Still, this gives us some new dining options to look forward to!


  1. Shayne says

    LOL, we got trapped in the same spot by the HSM parade! We looked longingly at the shake menu at Sam Andreas, but we were so full from our lunch at the Farmer’s Market that a shake was out of the question.

    My absolute favorites are the shakes at Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater in Hollywood Studios. I’m not generally a shake drinker, but I get one every time we eat at Sci-Fi. Yum!!

  2. says

    Shayne — We felt the same, but seeing as I write a food blog, there was no question that we’d get the shakes!! :-) Agreed on Sci-fi! I hope I can get back there soon!

  3. says

    The shakes at Sam Andreas are decent (my kids seemed to like them much more than I did), but you just can’t beat the PB&J shake at 50’s Prime Time.

  4. Brenda says

    we like the shakes at Sci-Fi … the alcoholic ones, that is! You can’t beat Martia’s Martian which is a blend of chocolate and vanilla milkshakes with Bailey’s Irish Cream and Kahlua. I wish I was drinking one right now!!

  5. Alan says

    Those Bailey’s / Kahlua shakes make the Sci-Fi Dine In a worthy stop!! The food seems to be improving there also.

  6. says

    These look like they are all right shakes. They can’t really be called true shakes if they are extra thick and you can’t drink them through a straw. I bet so many people get stuck there due to the parade, you think they would rectify that, unless it’s another scheme to make people buy stuff.

    My favourite shake would have to still be the Vanilla shake at Pinnochio’s Village Haus in Fantasyland. :D

  7. Mykelogan says

    Never really that impressed with the San Andreas shakes. When I wanted a nice chocolaty cool down at California Adventure I would always go with the Make Mine Mocha from Schmoozies over in the Back Lot area. Sooooo good!!! :-)

    I am going to miss the Farmer’s Market area, especially the Corn Dogs! They better find a new location for them again!

  8. madoka says

    Mykelogan – I read that the Corn Dogs are moving to Award Wieners in the Hollywood Backlot. Appropriately so I say… :)

  9. James says

    Lurked on this blog for a while, and the content is superb.

    One quibble with this post, though. The name of the stand is Sam Andreas, not San Andreas. It’s a play on words often lost on those who don’t read closely.

    Anyway, keep up the great work!

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