Paradiso 37 Menu Changes

Reader Ellen D. and her son headed over to Downtown Disney’s Paradiso 37 recently and sent back a few photos of the restaurant’s new menus. Ellen also sent along photos and reviews of their entrees and dessert (yay!). By the way, if you’d like to read our full review of Paradiso 37, you can find it here! Here we go!

Paradiso 37

First off, the food! Ellen wasn’t a huge fan of the Citrus-Barbecued Pork Ribs, saying the spice rub was extremely strong.

Citrus Barbecue Pork Ribs with Slaw

This veg entree was created on-the-fly, she says. “The new menu doesn’t have any vegetarian entrees (the previous one did). Our server offered me this. First impression, gratitude for accommodating me withstanding, was a solid ‘m’eh.'”

Vegetarian Entree (Not on Menu)

On to dessert! Says Ellen, “I ‘made’ my half-Nicaraguan son get the Tres Leches cake (it originated in Nicaragua). I’ve never made it for him (I’m so Cruella). He liked it!”

Tres Leches Cake

New Menus
Here are the pics Ellen sent of the new menus at Paradiso. Enjoy!

Appetizers: Click for larger image

Queso and Salsas -- Click for larger image

Sandwiches -- Click for larger image

Platters and Entrees -- Click for larger image

Chocolate Stack Dessert Details -- click for larger image

Desserts -- click for larger image

Desserts -- click for larger image

Thanks, Ellen! To read more about Paradiso 37, see information on discounts, and read other Disney Food Blog reviews of Paradiso 37, check out our Paradiso 37 page!


  1. carolyn says

    Colorful looking menu and the tres leche cakee looks really good. But I’m with you, the vegetarian entree looked very meh. Thanks for the pictures and the review! :)

  2. Jo says

    I don’t know that I’m prepared to give this restaurant another chance. I’ve been twice and the food is just okay.

  3. says

    That vegetarian meal looks pathetic. I’m really bummed they don’t have a standard (appetizing) vegetarian meal on the menu. With all the vegetarians in the world today, there’s no excuse for that. That said, there are plenty of interesting menu items I’d be willing to try….especially if I were fortified with a margarita first. :-)

  4. says

    Carolyn — I usually stick to the apps & desserts at this restaurant. Looks like that will continue to be my MO!

    Cody — Have you been to Paradiso since the first trip (where you so kindly reported for us)?

    Jo — What’d you have?

    Gray — The margaritas there are AMAZING. Agreed on the veggie dish. How do you have good variety without a veggie dish here or there?

  5. says

    I totally agree, the vegetarian plate looks really pathetic. If they want to try and attract a variety of people, they really need to try a variety of different plates that look appetizing to all groups.

    On top of that, presentation is everything and it looks like they just threw together that plate in a minute. Even I could do that!

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