Cat Cora Teams up with the Muppets

Cat Cora (of Iron Chef and Kouzzina fame) is teaming up with the muppets on the new muppet kitchen!

Stitch Kingdom says it best… (No, seriously, you have to click the link and read Stitch Kingdom’s write up. And then watch the video. It’ll all make sense then.)


  1. Neil says

    Can’t watch the video here at work, but running their writeup through the Swedish Chef translator was a nice touch. Can someone explain what the deal is, though? The write up makes it sound like an online show (please let it not be like those commercials for ). If Kouzzina is doing well, I’d prefer to see a Muppets dinner show type thing be created. I’d go to that – maybe even pay extra to eat with W&S.

  2. says

    Oh, that would be awesome! The muppets at Kouzzina?!? What a great idea! Not sure if the kitchen will be an online show, but that would make sense!

  3. marci says

    honestly, I’m confused. Maybe I’m missing something but I can’t tell if it’s an online show, something at disneyworld like a restaurant, or a tv show, or just a joke? anyone have the scoop? I’m a HUGE muppets fan and a foodie!

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