Specialty Confections From Pooh To You

One of my favorite spots in Disneyland is Pooh’s Corner in Critter Country! And, luckily, Disneyland has chosen to create a few specialty items that bring the stories of Winnie the Pooh to life.

The next time you’re in Pooh Country, don’t miss:

Hunny Pot Apples
Check out the adorable little bees “stuck” in the “honey!”

Hunny Pot Apples

Pooh’s Hunny Pot Rice Krispie Treats
These adorable little krispies are decorated as Pooh’s favorite snack — hunny!

Hunny Pot Crispy

Tigger Tails

Tigger Tails

You can read more about Tigger Tails here!

What’s your favorite treat to snag over at Pooh Corner?


  1. marci says

    I had a tigger tail for the first time last october. I’ll admit at first I was like “ooh, this is a different taste”.. but it grew on me and I really liked it! Pooh’s Corner is a GREAT little place for stopping for a treat.

  2. says

    This place really looks totally awesome everytime I take a look at it. I have seen the Rice Krispie Treats before, and I think that the Tigger Tails still look the best.

    The Hunny Pot apples would be pretty simple to recreate as all it looks like is that it’s a chocolate covered apple with some caramel drizzle on the top.

  3. Laygoon says

    Are those Cheshire cat tails next to the Tigger Tails? I LOVE the Hunny Pot apples! Too cute! I may have to make some of those.

  4. Evan says

    Is there a place to get these Pooh Corner items in WDW? I remember a little while back the “Peanut Butter Sandwich” was featured, but I could not find it on a recent vacation to WDW. Any ideas where one might find this?

  5. says

    Marci — I had the SAME reaction to the Tigger Tails!

    Mallory — Send pics if you do!

    Christina — If anyone’s gonna do it, it’ll be Disneyland! They’re so innovative!

    Josh and Laygoon — I think the only thing that might be tough about the Hunny pots is getting the caramel to STOP at the top instead of dripping down. YOu’d need a thick caramel! Also, I didn’t put the Cheshire Cat Tails in, because they’re discontinued…

    Evan — I’ve seen the PB sandwich at WDW, too, but not recently. I’m HOPING it’s there when I go next week! Other than that, haven’t seen the other Pooh items in WDW at all.

  6. Jen says

    I love the hunny pot apples, and they look like they’d be easy to make (since I’m not really near Disneyland)! What are the bees made out of?

  7. barbara nelson says

    looking for the recipe for the pooh rice krispie honey pots. would like to make them for my granddaughter’s birthday party. any help with finding the recipe would be very much appreciated. thank you, barbara nelson

  8. says

    Barbara nelson — It’s just the standard rice krispie treat recipe (easy to find online), cut into honey pot shapes, and decorated with chocolate. :-)

  9. barbara nelson says

    isn’t the top of the honey pot dipped in a peanut butter sauce of some kind? that is what i am looking for. how to make the smooth, creamy peanut butter sauce for the top of the honey pots.

  10. Sarah P says

    Headed to Disneyland in 17 days & I’m disappointed to hear tigger tails changed. I dislike peeps so the coating of sugar just turns me off already.

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