Haute Mickey

It’s great when I find chic, sophisticated Mickey-fied items that I can use in my kitchen or for entertaining; and if you add travel into the mix, I’m in love.

I found these cool items in Epcot a few months ago and wanted to share the love:

Have a great weekend (happy entertaining)!


  1. Alan says

    Oh no, my wife collects Disney dinnerware ( eight sets and assorted other pieces ). Is there a way to erase this page from my bookmark tool bar?

  2. Courtney says

    I don’t really need any more kitchen stuff, but I love these! Not “in your face” Disney AND travel themed = SCORE!

  3. says

    Nick — Thanks for the mention of another spot to get them!

    Alan — Ha! You’ll have to discover that technology for yourself ;-) Good luck!

    Courtney — These can be a little gift FOR you FROM you :)

    Lori and Janna — I found them in Mouse Gears, but I’ve seen them other spots, too.

  4. Sarah says

    I love the design. I saw these a few months back and fell in love. They will probably end up on my list to Santa!

  5. says

    Very decorative plates, with stamp like pictures on them.

    I like how on the Sushi (I think they are made for Sushi) plates have stamps from China and Japan on them! Nice touch. :D

  6. Carolyn says

    those are really cute! Krogers? I believe they are associated with Fred Meyers (Pac Northwest) I’ll have to check it out there, thanks for the heads’ up. Love how they are ‘themed’ – cheese plate, Franch. Sushi plate, Japan! Clever!

  7. says

    Saw these over the summer and loved them! What I like most is how the plate is themed to the country it represents—chips and dip bowl for Mexico, Sushi for Japan, big ole pasta dish for Italy, etc. Love how disney is getting away from the same old merch all over the parks.

  8. Diane says

    I found these while I was there in June. I loved them because, as another poster said, they weren’t too “in the face” Disney and had a travel theme. I bought the pasta set and the cheese plate set. We saw the pasta set at the Italy pavilion. We saw the cheese plate at the France pavilion. But, Meadow Trading Post had the pasta set as well. I saw both at Wilderness Lodge. Saw them in MK in stores on the left of Main Street. We actually ended up buying ours at Animal Kingdom. I don’t remember which store it was but I can say it is probably the main store – it was huge and had multiple rooms of merchandise. I did see the Sushi set in several places too. It definitely had the Disney Parks logo on the back so I’m surprised they are at Kroger. I would definitely get them there because they are probably cheaper. I love my bowls, we use them almost daily for cereal as well as when we have pasta.

  9. says

    Chris — I hope you get them!

    Ashley — Not sure about the online part! So glad I posted them, though, so that you could find ‘em! Will has a great point — you can contact wdw mail order to get them!

    Will — Thanks for the suggestion!

    Sarah — This is a great Santa present.

    Josh — Yep! Looks like the plates all represent the countries where their suggested food is from!

    Carolyn — Let us know if you find em up there!

    Erin — Thanks, Erin! I think they might be originally from DL according to another poster!

    Dana — So cute, right?

    Diane — Sounds like one of those purchases that you thought about for a while! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them!

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