New Halloween Cupcakes at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

You guys know me, and you can only imagine how pleased I was to find out that Disney World introduced a new bunch of cupcakes for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this year!!

While eveyone else was collecting candy at the Trick or Treat locations, I was collecting photos — of cupcakes!! Here we go:

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Mummy Cupcake

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Wicked Witch Cupcake

More after the jump —

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Eyeball Cupcake

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Ghost Cupcake

Cute right? We found these in the Main Street Bakery on the day of the party (before the party began), but they ran out pretty quickly during the party and told us that they wouldn’t be back in the case until the next Halloween party. That said, I’m not sure of when you’ll be able to get these outside of Halloween Party days — availability is probably hit or miss. During the party, when Main Street Bakery had closed, these were available at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. I’m pretty sure you can purchase these with a snack credit, as she asked us if they were “snack credit or room charge” when we bought them.

We got a chance to sample the Mummy and Wicked Witch cupcakes before they ran out! The cake is chocolate and the frosting is vanilla buttercream. No fillings in either cake. The best part of the Wicked Witch cupcake is that you can peel the cake right off of the frosting, making the frosting-only cupcake lovers (like me) very happy.

We asked about the eyeball and ghost cupcakes and were told that they were made with marshmallows and fondant to create the “bulge.”

Great access to frosting on the Wicked Witch cupcake!


  1. says

    Just over 2 weeks and the witch cupcake will be mine!! *cackle*

    I thought the same thing about the witch cupcake and the icing…icing for me and cake for my younger son. That’s what I call a win-win!

  2. says

    Very Cool! Ill definitely have to check these out… hmm… Im liking the ablility to peal the icing off (though im opposite of you… ilike the cake, and not the icing.. lol)

  3. says

    Adorable! We’re still debating on whether or not to go to MNSSHP. It’s my understanding from several people that the party can be fun for adults, too, but my husband and I are wondering if we wouldn’t have more fun if we had kids. These cupcakes make me want to go REALLY bad…these and the Hallo-Wishes show are definitely swaying me in the party’s direction. Great post and pictures!

  4. Neil says

    I like the Wicked Witch cupcakes – the ultimate in lazy cupcake decorating. Now I just need to figure out how to work an upside down cupcake into other themes.

  5. says

    these are absolutely adorable! i’m especially fond of the mummy one! so cute. i’ll be in DL in 1.5 weeks & will check if they are selling these cuties too!

  6. says

    Katie, go! My husband and I went to MVMCP last year without the kids (we left them w/ a sitter). We had a great time.

    Of course, we’re bad parents.

  7. says

    Those are some very creative cupcakes. I believe that I have seen the mummy cupcake before, but most of the rest look pretty new. The eyeball one would have to be the creepiest out of all of them.

    My top favourite though is the Ghost cupcake.

  8. says

    Dang it! We missed these and sounds like we missed you! I didn’t realize you were headed to WDW prior to the Food and Wine Festival. We were there Thurs – Sunday and did the MNSSHP on Thursday! I was going to fly back this weekend for F&W stuff, but looks like I am postponing it for 2 weeks. What a bummer – would’ve been great to chow down a little with you at the parks! :D

    We had a great time at the MNSSHP! Love the photos of the cupcakes!

  9. Bradd says

    My friends and I tried the ghost and the eyeball cupcakes on Monday. The ghost was indeed made of marshmallow, but the eyeball was actually made out of a doughnut hole! Great reviews all around.

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