New Treat Trails at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Everyone knows that the treat trails are the place to be at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and this year there are more than I’ve ever seen before. Here are some fun and not-to-be-missed trails. (Some have more than one candy spot, and some are just fun to see!)

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Trick or Treat Spot Entrance Sign

Brer Rabbit’s Candy Cavern
This trail will lead you down behind the Splash Mountain queue line — a place many of us have never been before! There are two candy spots, but one was only handing out raisins on my visit.

Brer Rabbit's Candy Cavern

Hakuna Ma-Treat-A
Located next to the Jungle Cruise, this treat spot is marked by a huge, inflatable Puumba!

Hakuna Ma-Treat-A

Buzz Lightyear’s Candy Blast
This one’s over by Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and the Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland. If you time it correctly, you’ll get to meet Buzz Lightyear, too!

Buzz Lightyear's Candy Blast

Alice and the Mad Hatter’s Treat Party
The mother of all treat trails, this one — located on the back walkway between Toon Town and Tomorrowland — is known for huge handfuls of candy and multiple candy stops. Don’t miss it.

Alice and Mad Hatter's Treat Party

CM Manning the Treat Party

You can also find new “hide-and-go-treat” trails in Disneyland at Mickey’s Halloween Party!


  1. says

    Wow, the only one I recall from my visits (5 years ago) is the Alice in Wonderland, all the others are new and really kewl. Thanks for the picts!

  2. says

    The most candy I got was at the Stop Next to Peter Pan and the one in front of Pinocchio’s Village Haus when we went to the media night! They didn’t skimp at all towards the end of the night! It also seemed that the places where you got the most candy they gave out raisins too ;) LOL

  3. says

    I was looking at the map for this and the one that I noticed the most locations was the path between Toontown and Tomorrowland, so it has to be a treasure trove there!

    Do you happen to have a picture of the “Inflatible Pumbaa”? As I would really like to see it!

  4. says

    there were a couple spots that I was excited that had two spots..but sadly one was raisins, boo!!
    we stalking the candy spots and waited till about 5 till midnight and got a ton of candy!

  5. says

    Mario — My pleasure! I think the Alice treat trail is the best, but the others are fun to explore!

    Aurora — Yep, the ticket is to wait until the end of the night!! :-)

    Josh — The Alice treat trail IS a treasure trove! They’re always very generous with the candy over there! If I don’t already have a puuba pic, I’ll get one when we head to the next party!

    Brenda — Yay! It hasn’t changed all that much in 4 years, so you’re still gonna love it.

    Heather — Yep — the raisins are a bummer ;-) Agreed that waiting til the end of the night is where it’s at for candy! I wonder if they have to get rid of a bunch of it that’s going to go stale or what?

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