Guest Review: Disneyland’s Fantasmic! Premium Viewing Dessert Package

Heather Sievers, a Disneyland food expert, Mom, and inventor of Time Out Spots, is back with another great Disneyland review! Today she’s sharing her experience at the Fantasmic! Premium Viewing Dessert Event! Take it away, Heather!

Disneyland's Fantasmic Dragon

As an annual pass holder for over 15 years, it’s a little embarrassing to say that I had never seen the whole Fantasmic show, until now!

The crowd has always turned me off; they send out the cast members waving their light sticks in their yellow Fantasmic uniforms way before the show starts and the sea of people makes it impossible to get a good standing position unless you’re willing to plant yourself and stake a claim a few hours before the show starts. There are one-way walk ways, people telling you where to walk and where not to walk, the whole scene is pretty wild. Not interested in the chaos? Me neither.

So, as a special treat, I bought my family Fantasmic premium viewing tickets and it was amazing! We knew that the tickets came with great seats and dessert, but we had no idea how elaborate the whole thing was. About 60-90 minutes before show time, you “check in” to get your seats assigned. You can then sneak away for a bit (we had Fastpasses to Indiana Jones) and ride an attraction or two depending on the lines. I do recommend coming back to your seats about 30 minutes prior to the show and make sure everyone uses the restroom before you sit down. Once the show starts it’s about impossible to make your way around the area.

When you sit down, a cast member brings you a beautiful tray of dessert. We made the mistake of having a big dinner right before the show, so don’t do that; you will have plenty to munch on with your Fantasmic “box.”

Fantasmic Box Dessert

The box includes a variety of cheeses, crackers, grapes, and lots and lots of yummy sweets. Drinks are offered as well: everything from tea, to soda, water, hot chocolate and coffee. The cast members were extremely attentive and made sure everyone’s “wants” were met.

Wide Angle of Box

My favorite treat in the box was a raspberry stuffed sugar cookie with a coating of lavender colored chocolate and golden stars on the bottom. It was so pretty and tasted great too. Other desserts included a divine macaroon, a mini cheesecake, chocolate lava cake, a lemon tart, and some chocolate truffles.

Filled Sugar Cookie

Filled Sugar Cookie Inside


Cookies and Cheesecake

grapes and truffles

A helpful hint: Depending on the season and schedule, there are sometimes two Fantasmic shows. If you reserve tickets for the first show (9:05 I believe) they will let you stay in your seats for the fireworks, which are just after Fantasmic. They even refill your drink and the same speakers that provide the Fantasmic sound play the Fireworks sound track. It’s a super bonus!

Fantasmic Finale


As far as cost goes, this event is not cheap, tickets are $54 and pricing for adults & children is the same. If you have the opportunity, it’s definitely a “must do” event. We had an amazing time and got to enjoy every second of Fantasmic. It will make you feel like a serious V.I.P! For tickets, call 714.781.4400.

Heather, thank you for being our Disneyland guru! This looks like an incredible experience! If you’ve experienced this awesome dessert package, let us know in the comments section below!


  1. DisneyandBeyond says

    Sounds awesome!

    I am confused on one thing. I don’t believe it was made clear in the article where the seats are located, or where you check in.

  2. Barry says

    I arranged this a few years ago as a surprise for my friend and parents when you still got to sit up on the balcony across from the action. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Of course, the option to sit up there is sadly no longer available, but I think the seats are now aling the waterfront either right in front of the stage, or over by the dock in front of the Haunted Mansion. (Correct me if this is old info.)

    What a treat to enjoy the show away from the crowd and be catered to with Disney service. The desserts were not pre-packaged then, but presented on a buffet table with mored food than the limited crowd could ever eat!

    As Heather mentioned, the “bonus” of being able to stay in those seats for the Castle fireworks afterwards was a nice surprise!
    As I do not get to DL as often as I would like, I would definitely do this again to make the absolute most of my limited time in the parks!

    Thanks for the great review and bringing back the fond memories!

  3. Heather says

    The seats are located on the waterfront just across from Cafe Orleans, check in is also there. It is a roped off area with folding chairs. Hope that clarifies!

  4. Neil says

    At $54@, I’m just not seeing the value. The treatment sounds good, but not exceptional.

    the arrangement Barry mentions seems more in line with what I would expect (significantly better seating location, non-prepackaged food items) out of VIP service.

  5. John M says

    You must have run into my brother. . .he’s in crowd control and loud and obnoxious. I don’t know what to think of this box, though. Before they converted the Library, the seating used to be on the balcony right over POC. Those were pretty good seats, and there was a small dessert table (though not as elaborate as the “Wishes dessert party” looks).

  6. says

    Since the desserts are pre-packaged it must save a lot of work. But this makes me wonder how long they have been sitting around until they make it into someone’s hands…

    Also, shouldn’t it be “Tray of dessert” instead of “try of dessert”?

  7. says

    D&B — It DOES sound awesome!

    Dana — Great analogy! I love it!

    Barry — I don’t get to DL as often as I’d like, either. I think I’d like to be there every weekend. No, every day would be better. ;-)

    Neil — Thanks for your comment! Food for thought!

    John — Thanks for the info!

    Josh — Good point! Changed the typo. ;-) (Probably my fault!)

  8. doug says

    Our experience wasn’t so great. We envited friends to join us, so it was 4 adults, and we purchased the desert experience to sit over the POC. Think they had room for 15 or 20 people. We arrived about 90 minutes early as requested and saw the other people milling around waiting. Then it got kind of weird, then it just went bad. Apparently one guy who requested tickets thought he had reserved the entire place for big shots from his company, but instrad he had a single ticket. Disney couldn’t really do anything to fix this to everyones satisfaction. So they screwed those who did things the correct way, and let the company, who made the error have the place to themselves. Been years now.

  9. says

    I’m hoping to do this on my Disneyland trip in August. :)

    hopefully,m the first night, since those desserts looks like they will last a few days!

  10. Dey says

    We will be doing this in July and wondering if anyone has any tips. I understand I pick up the tickets at guest services at anytime when we come in the park but when do we pick seats? Any tips on which seats are the best? We’ll be doing the 9:00 show.

  11. Kevin says

    Sounds cool. Beats fighting the crowds. How do you purchase tickets and how far in advance c you purchase?

  12. Jane says

    Tiffany we are going the following Sunday. Please let us know what you think and if they allow you to stay for the fireworks too. Seems worth it I you can just hang out for both events!

  13. kevin says

    These can be purchased 30 days before the date of arrival. for the 9PM shows CALL THE FIRST DAY its OPEN to book, everyone knows about this now.

    And yes you can still stay for the fireworks after the show

  14. melyssa Souza says

    We are going to try the Fantasmic premium seating. The desserts look great. I was thinking about doing the 9pm show. Do they still let you stay in your seats for the fireworks show?
    I noticed the most resent post if from a year ago. We will be doing Fanasmic Oct 2014. It will be our last day there.

  15. Melissa says

    I read this a year ago while planning my trip and so WANTED to do it. But when I called to book (4.22.15) I was soooo disappointed to learn that they have done away with this. Seriously, sooooo bummed!

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