More Halloween Treats From Disney Parks

In addition to the fun halloween cupcakes we covered last week, here are a few more of the Halloween treats you can find in Disney Parks this year:

Candy Corn and Mickey Head Rice Krispie Treats

From Halloween-sprinkled pretzel rods and marshmallows to chocolate-dipped fudge cookies and pumpkin rice krispie treats, there are always a bunch of fun items to be found in the Confectionery and other candy shops throughout the parks:

candy corn, pumpkin, and football cookies

Pumpkin and Jack Skellington Halloween Cookies

Giant Oreos decorated for the season

Halloween Decorated Pretzels

Happy Halloween Candy Corn

Halloween Pumpkin rice krispie treat

Halloween sprinkled pretzel rods

Halloween Sprinkled Marshmallows

And if you’d rather wear your favorite Halloween treat, snap up this fun candy corn Mickey ear headband!

Halloween CAndy Corn Mickey Ears

Of course, if popcorn is your pleasure, grab one of these giant souvenir Mickey popcorn buckets at the popcorn stands in the parks. Not positive on this one, but this might be a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party exclusive…

Mickey Popcorn Bucket


  1. Allison says

    One of my favorite treats ever at WDW is picture #7 – the pumpkin-shaped rice treat. Wow. Wow. Wow. Perfectly fresh and deliciously filling.

    Another plus side: it travels and keeps well, so you can eat it eight months later (not that I would do that or anything… :-))

  2. says

    I’m pretty sure I need a shot of insulin and I’m not diabetic… ;P

    I will be holding out for the giant Mickey popcorn bucket at MNSSHP!

  3. Alec says

    The Mickey Ghost popcorn buckets aren’t MNSSHP exclusive, at least I don’t think they are as they are available to the general public at Disneyland. They sell out insanely fast though, apparently Disneyland’s out and waiting for a new shipment.

  4. says

    That has to absolutely be one of the coolest popcorn buckets that I have seen!

    I’m surprised though, because I thought they would have something Pumpking flavoured in the season and all…

  5. Heather says

    The pumpkin shaped rice crispy treats are the BEST! They give you one after the Happiest Haunts Tour at Disneyland!!!!! We are going on the 23rd. I’ll be sure and take pics : )

  6. Ellen D. says

    Cute stuff… no calories, right? As far as I’ve heard, the popcorn buckets are an exclusive at WDW (or at least were as of last weekend).

  7. says

    Awwww—I want one of those popcorn buckets! Why couldn’t they have them last year while I was at MNSSHP! It would make such a cute house decoration!

  8. Debbie says

    The popcorn buckets where out last year, I bought mine at Hollywood studios, so not an exclusive at MNSSHP. It cost around $10 filled with pretty disgusting popcorn, but I had to have the bucket.

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