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The Eleventh Edition of the Disney Blog Carnival was published on Tuesday! It’s a compendium of dozens of articles about my favorite subject: Disney, so head over to the site, support your favorite (and some new!) Disney bloggers, and get updated on the latest Disney news.

Topics this week include opinions about the new Let the Memories Begin campaign at Disney parks, a primer on signature dining options in Disney World, a debate on whether Fastpass should be unlimited, a look at Frontierland Station, and lots more!

The Disney Blog Carnival has dozens of articles about Disney from your favorite new and veteran Disney bloggers — can’t wait to hear what you think!

While you’re at DisMarks, stick around and vote for your favorite promoted and upcoming stories and links! Found a great Disney website or blog post? Submit it to DisMarks and share it with other Disney fans!

Now, just in case you weren’t sure…

What’s a Blog Carnival?

By the way, a blog carnival, in case you haven’t seen one before, is a collection of posts submitted from different bloggers on a similar topic. It often takes place weekly or monthly, like an online magazine. is a Disney-focused social news website where you can go vote for your favorite Disney articles and blog posts. They launched a brand new Disney Blog Carnival a couple of months ago, which is scheduled to occur about every three weeks — so stay tuned for even more great Disney articles all in one place.

If you’re a Disney webmaster and want to participate in the next Disney Blog Carnival, everyone is welcome. Submissions for the next carnival are due on October 23rd, and you can submit your articles or blog posts right here.


  1. says

    I have seen the DisMarks Blog Carnival quite a lot in the past months being mentioned mainly by you AJ.

    Is it mainly a monthly thing?

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