“You Won’t Believe This!” Snack: Giant Gummy Bear

OK, I think it’s part of my job to keep you guys updated on fun and delicious Disney foods that you can find in Disney Parks and Resorts. This is why I’m always showcasing things like the butterfinger cupcake, that incredible Earl of Sandwich brownie frosting sandwich of wonderfulness, and plastic cheese.

But sometimes, a food makes it into the list of “You Won’t Believe This!” Snacks not because it’s heaven on Earth to eat, but because it strikes just the right combination of creepy, alien, and partly-delicious/partly-gross to be outrageous. Today, that’s the Giant Gummy Bear.

Introduction to the Giant Gummy Bear
That’s right. These are gummy bears that are big enough to sit on their own bums.

We’ve talked about gummies at Disney Parks before, but these are another thing entirely. At 4 inches tall and over 12 ounces, they pack over 1,000 calories each in a single serving and come in Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Grape, Green Apple, and Orange flavors.

Giant Gummy Bear Nutrition Facts

And they really are kind of creepy. I mean, look at his beady little eye.

The Story Part
Anyway, I was walking through Epcot’s World Showcase and it began to rain. I quickly darted into the closest store, which happened to be Germany’s Teddy Bear store, and my eye zeroed in on these little guys.

Giant Gummy Bears

Don’t they look pretty all lined up? So colorful and shiny. I couldn’t help but be attracted over there to find out what they were. And, alas — food! I had to buy one. I vacillated between cherry and blue raspberry for a long time, but at $6+ per bear, buying two wasn’t an option.

I decided on cherry, my favorite flavor, and quickly found my husband who LOVES gummy bears. He was slightly distraught about this one, however. “You spent how much on that thing? We’re not going to eat that.” was the gist of his response. And he was probably right; we likely wouldn’t finish it. But I had to try!

The bear comes in a little plastic molded case, and it ended up being quite a “suction cup” nightmare to get him out!

Wedging Gummy Bear out of His Case

After finally wedging it out of there with a knife, I had to decide how to eat it. Not an easy task. The general texture of the bear is somewhere between a swedish fish and a blob of jell-O. It’s pliable and stretchy instead of firm, but the elasticity made it very difficult to get a good solid cut (especially since I was in a WDW hotel room using a plastic knife).

Eventually, I gave up.

I bit his ear off.

Taste and Texture Review
The taste was surprisingly delicious! It had a strong cherry flavor (like the flavor of a tart, cherry lollipop) instead of the mildly waxy, cheap flavor I was expecting. It was really good! This is where the “partly-delicious” comes in to play.

The texture, however, was less enticing. Because of the elastic nature of the bear, I ended up just chewing on the thing for quite a while. That’s the “partly-gross” section of the review.

Overall, I’m pretty sure I don’t want another Giant Gummy Bear, but I can see why this might be the perfect “treat” to bring home to a favorite kiddo in your life — or a friend who’s a candy freak! It travels well, won’t cost you the farm, and really does taste quite good! If the bear comes home to your house, get a nice big knife and cut it up into pieces, put them in ziploc bags, and save them as individual gummy treats.

If you’ve tried one — or want to try one — let me know in the comment section below!


  1. Laura says

    Guh, I love gummi bears! I so want one of those. Now I really, really want to get back to WDW soon.

  2. SharonC says

    I’ll take “Sugar coma in a plastic box” for $600, AJ. LOL.
    And BTW….9 days. WOOT WOOT.

  3. Neil says

    I’m disappointed I didn’t notice them – I was too focused on the caramel filled chocolate cookies.

    How much are they?

  4. says

    I’ll be completely honest and admit that I want one. I may in fact ask my b/f’s parents to get me one as my souvenir when they go in December. I love gummy bears, and I can’t resist the idea of one so huge! I will definitely not be eating it in one sitting though. I figure it’s not all that different that a chocolate Easter bunny, which you normally eat one section at a time..

  5. carolyn says

    Hmmm…. I think I’ll pass. Luckily easy for me to do since they contain gelatin! :) They are cute, though, and def would make a cute gift for the candy lover.

  6. says

    Best lines ever:

    “Eventually, I gave up.

    I bit his ear off.”

    This is one of the many reasons why AJ and the Disney Food Blog. Thanks for “taking one for the team” and conquering the giant gummy bear. ;)

  7. says

    Maybe try freezing them before eating. This will sound weird but my high school swim coach used to freeze gummy bears and in between workout sets would throw them in the pool for us. They actually tasted pretty good. I now eat my gummy bears frozen. Maybe that will help the texture issue. :)

  8. Alan says

    AJ – I know your used to big things in Texas, but at this year’s NC State Fair someone is selling 5 lb. gummy bears for $25.00. The really bad thing is that this is one of the healthier things to eat at the fair. Things like chocolate covered bacon, Krispy Kreme burgers, chocolate covered frozen Twinkies, pickles marinated in Kool Aid, and deep fried honey buns make the gummies look like health food.

  9. Bob says

    I saw those at the Cool Zone in Epcot on a recent trip. They are huge! I can’t believe they call it one serving. Almost considered buying one to get rid of the Beverly taste :(

  10. Griffin says

    I’ve seen these in the store and been a little intrigued and also a little freaked out by them :P I’ve actually seen ones that look bigger on TV as well. It’s a neat novelty though!

  11. Dana (aka DragynAlly) says

    Truthfully I’ve never been in love with the giant gummy. Always too gummy! But I like a little snack diversity. :)

  12. says

    I think this is going to be my sister’s treat for watching my animals while we are at the World! Thanks SO much for posting!!

  13. Janna says

    Ooosh! I’m so sorry that I missed these! Sort of…lol

    This is the funniest post I’ve read in a long time! :0)

  14. Laura says

    This is definitely something I would get sucked into buying! How can you not?! A giant Gummy Bear?! Hellllooooo? Although I know I wouldn’t attempt to eat the whole thing!!

  15. says

    Ah. I’ve seen these around all over the place! I’ve always been curious about how they taste. I love gummy bears, but my husband refuses to try this with me haha.

  16. says

    AJ, I think the reason for the gummy bear being sort of like a suction cup is because they most likely mold the bear out of the casing it is in. If you notice, the bear is pretty much the EXACT shape as the casing.

    Also, if you think this is big they have a 5 pound (FIVE!) Gummy Bear that you can get off of online stores. Just google it. I saw some teenage boys try to take it on, and they could barely finish it…

  17. Mary Jo Collins says

    I like gummy bears, but this is certainly a novelty. I might would buy it for the kids for fun, but never for myself.

  18. says

    LOL – Love that you finally just gave in and went for the ear. It clearly had to be done and you did it! Have never seen these before, but would defintiely love to try a green one. What fun presents they would make as well.

  19. Jamie says

    It’s like in Willy Wonka!

    So did you end up eating all of it? Even if I was a big gummy bear fan I highly doubt I could finish it by myself. Then I saw the nutrition facts and went “….aye…”

  20. says

    Jamie — Nope, not even close! It was our last day in WDW and I figured it wasn’t worth carting it home to finish it :-)

  21. Orchid says

    I fell in love with these when my best friend of three year gave one to me for christmas this year, it was one of the ‘World’s Largest’ from Vat19.com I couldn’t believe that he spent 30 some odd bucks on a single gummy bear. Well, it’s been five days and all that’s missing from the delicious pineapple-y goodness are both ears and I gave him one of the arms. Currnetly munching on the last of the ear.

  22. Erin Foster says

    As a follow-up to anyone thinking of purchasing these …

    Last week I tried to transport two giant gummy bears in carry-on airline luggage. Let me just say that TSA was not pleased. Are gummy bears a gel? Who knows? But I did get pulled out of the security line and had my entire luggage searched. The gummys had to have special screening. I also had to go through baggage scan twice and have my bags swabbed for surface chemicals. So, word of warning, if you’re bringing home the bear, put him in your checked luggage.

  23. Essie says

    I never liked gummy candy, but i think this is a very cute treat/gift for anyone who does. As for biting off the ears (LOL)….I think this would be hard to do (although a chocolate Easter bunny has never escaped from me). In response to Erin’s post – I would have never thought about it, but the TSA would have a problem with these little guys since they are essentially a ‘gel like’ material. Unfortunately, many explosive materials seem to be a gel like substance and I’m sure that’s why the cute giant Gummy Bear caused a bit of a stir. :( It’s sad that such an innocent, fun and ‘cheery’ item has to cause such attention, but I guess that’s the state of our world today. Thanks for the enjoyable article.

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