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Fresh Introduces New Signature Cocktail Menu

The Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort‘s mixology lab has come up with another new menu of delicious drinks.

New Cocktail Menu at Fresh

This time, Fresh — located in the Dolphin section of the resort — unveils a colorful array of cocktails ranging from the classic Mimosa and Bloody Mary to the more extravagant Istanbul Coffee, Egyptian Honey Bourbon Tea, and Barcelona White Sangria. While the former selections are guest favorites, the latter options offer guests a taste of the restaurant’s signature Mediterranean flavors.

I had the chance to sample the brand new “Fresh” Extraction — a combination of Ketel One Citroen and the fresh juice extracts of Kiwi, Apple, Wheatgrass, Pineapple, Orange, Spinach, and Ginger.

Fresh Extraction

What a great eye-opener! With a sweet-tart taste (you can’t taste the wheatgrass, spinach, or ginger, really — all you get is fruit and lemon) and strong, fruity flavor, it’s the perfect accompaniment for breakfast or lunch!

Fresh Mediterranean Market is located on Disney World property in the Swan and Dolphin Resort, which is located in the Epcot resort area next to the Boardwalk. It’s open for for casual breakfast and lunch. You can find menus and more information on our Fresh page!

Thanks again to the Swan and Dolphin Resort, a Disney Food Blog partner, for sharing this great experience with me!


  1. Dana (aka DragynAlly) says:

    That green drink sounds delicious and confusing to the tongue… Spinach?!

  2. Dana (aka DragynAlly) says:

    Just reread the post and yes you say you taste only fruit… I’m still scared.

  3. Brenda says:

    Honey bourbon tea??? As soon as I get home from work I think I’m going to make that for dinner!! Hahahaha!

  4. AJ says:

    Dana — It’s really good! I hope you get to try it next time! :-)

    Brenda — Sounds like a wonderful end-of-work meal ;-)

  5. Josh says:

    Sounds… Interesting!

    What is Wheat Grass by the way? (I may have heard of it before)

  6. Alan says:

    This is why we all love Disney parks. We go to see things we don’t see at home, eat things we don’t eat at home and have drinks we can’t get or make at home. Kudos to the S&D for holding up their end.

  7. AJ says:

    Josh — Wheat grass: :-)

    Alan — Agreed! I was so excited to see the new menu!

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