What Disney Foods Do YOU Crave?

Well, I’ve been home from Walt Disney World for two weeks now, and I’m already craving some dishes and snacks I know I’m going to have on my next trip (um…Karamell Kuche, anyone?).

So, a while back, I asked over on the Disney Food Blog Facebook Page: What Disney Dish Are You Craving Today? I got some fantastic answers! Let’s take a trip down a delicious road of favorite dishes and menu items in Walt Disney World… (Note: You’ll see some sad news about the Jiko Filet with Mac and Cheese about halfway down the page. I’m just warning you.)

A Few of the Classics…

With all the changes in Disney World’s menus lately, it’s nice to know these favorites have been around for a good long time:

Fried Chicken at 50’s Prime Time Cafe
This classic, simple dish has been on the menu at 50’s Prime Time Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios for ages, and we’re glad it’s not going away!

Fried Chicken at 50's Prime Time Cafe

Folks wrote about loving the wings appetizer and the dessert — that fabulous Bananas Foster Bread Pudding — at ‘Ohana in Disney’s Polynesian Resort!

'Ohana Wings and Pot Stickers Appetizers

'Ohana Bread Pudding

Filet With Mac and Cheese at Jiko
A clear favorite with Jiko-devotees, the robust filet and rich mac and cheese accompaniment are a perfect pairing of flavors. Add that red wine sauce and we’re in heaven. You USED to be able to find it at Jiko at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort, but according to a few informants on our Facebook page, the menu item has been replaced. Now you can get the filet with an au gratin potato side dish. Sigh.

Filet and Mac and Cheese at Jiko

Cheese Blintzes at Chef Mickey’s
Pluto’s Cheese Blintzes on the breakfast buffet at Chef Mickey’s restaurant in Disney’s Contemporary Resort are the highlight of the morning for many diners!

Pluto's Cheese Blintzes

Pluto's Cheese Blintzes

Portobello Mushroom Soup at Artist Point
A quietly addicting dish, this rich soup at Artist Point in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge has turned many mushroom-haters into fungi fans.

Artist Point Portobello Mushroom Soup

Grey Goose Slush from Epcot’s France Pavilion
One of the best-loved alcoholic drinks in all of Disney World! Sweet, tart, frozen — doesn’t get any better than that.

Grey Goose Lemon Slush

Macadamia Nut Pancakes and Tonga Toast from Kona Cafe
Two of the World’s best breakfasts can be found at Kona Cafe in Disney’s Polynesian Resort!

Macadamia Nut Pancakes

Tonga Toast


Sometimes, all you need is a little something…

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich
A favorite from way back, this snack eats like a meal! The Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich can be found in at least one location in each Disney World theme park.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake from Starring Rolls Cafe
You don’t have to tell us twice! If there’s chocolate and peanut butter in the name, we’re there. This giant confection from Starring Rolls Cafe could easily feed two!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake

Dole Whip
The Dole Whip is a classic snack that’s been delighting Disney fans on both coasts for decades. While possible to get it in several flavors, our favorite is the original pineapple! Aloha Isle in the Magic Kingdom is one of the most popular places to get them.

Disney World Aloha Isle Dole Whip Float

Carrot Cake Cookie from Writer’s Stop
While they have this yummy carrot cake cookie at the Scary Apothecary now, too, we agree that the Writer’s Stop is the best place to get one!

Carrot Cake Cookie

Crave-Worthy Items From Disneyland

I’ve developed plenty of cravings from my visits to Disneyland Resort, as have other Disney Food Blog readers! Here are some of the favorites:

Monte Cristo Sandwich from Blue Bayou
This incredible collision of salty, sweet, tart, warm, cold, and fried makes an ideal lunch or dinner!

Monte Cristo close up

Pommes Frites with Spicy Remoulade from Cafe Orleans
Quite possibly the world’s perfect food. Find it in the den of wonderfulness we like to call Cafe Orleans.

Cafe Orleans Pommes Frites

You can find ‘em all over Disneyland resort — lucky for those who are craving them!

Corn on the Cob and Chimichangas in Disneyland

What are YOUR biggest Disney food cravings? Share them with us in the comments section below!

Thanks to JLovely and Kelly Tressler for the use of photos submitted to the Disney Food Blog Photo Extravaganza on flickr; and thanks to Betsy Bates for sending along her Artist Point photos!


  1. Heather says

    Oh I just got back, and I’m already craving the crab cake at Flying Fish and arancini from Citricos!

  2. Gillian says

    Ooooh! My fiance and I are going to Orlando (and thus WDW!) for our honeymoon in May next year – it’s his first time, and my first time for about ten years. So, my question is, do they still do the chili cheese dogs at EPCOT? I am fairly sure it was there, anyway. They have haunted me for the last decade, ha ha! We’re so excited. I love how food makes for such powerful memories of a place. Great photos too – thanks!

  3. Carolyn says

    Napoleons from France, cinny rolls from DL, Ice cream from Gibson Girl, turtles from main street candy shop, Cole slaw from crystal palace ( no longer made but I hate Cole slaw but loved theirs!), popcorn, dole whip…

    It’s been 5 years since I’ve been to the parks… Can’t wait until my vacation TP hopefully get good entries! The veg sammy from Tusker house was a fave but now it’s a buffet…

  4. says

    Definitely the napoleons from France. I don’t like regular napoleons, but these are amazing. The macadamia nut pancakes look fabulous too. Do they have macadamia nuts inside of them? I can never tell from the pictures.

  5. Rich T. says

    Tonga Toast is good, but I think the star of the Kona breakfast is the Samoan. I tried it last week when I was there for breakfast, and the textures and flavors of the ingredients meld together in quite a unique and enjoyable fashion. I much prefer the savory and mixed tastes of the Samoan to the sometimes overpowering sweetness of the Tonga Toast.


  6. EEFoster says

    No more steak ‘n mac at Jiko??!! Say it ain’t so. We have ressies in December and that was going to be my order. Fingers crossed that they come to their senses by then.

  7. says

    It definitely has to be the Nescafe Coffee in the resort food courts!

    BLECH! Can we have a post devoted to the worst food on Disney property? That would win hands down.

    I’ve been craving the Fishermans Stew from the Ireland Booth at the Food and Wine Festival since I had it last year. I also find myself craving the Lighthouse Sandwich from Columbia Harbor House, the Tuna Oscar from Kona, and the Sweet and Sour Pork and noodles from Seasons in the Land. Mmmmmmm…

  8. Tiffany W. says

    Cinnamon Roll from Main Street Bakery and Ice Cream Sandwich from Main Street Ice Cream Parlor.

    If I could only buy one food item in WDW, the cinnamon roll would be it. :)

  9. Alan says

    Impossible to say, there are just too many things I would love to be digging into right now. Beignets from PO, Tonga Toast, Spaghetti Fra Diavolo from Mama Melrose, Lobster at Narcoossees, the sandwiches at Earl of Sandwich and on an on. But most of all, very simply for me, would be sitting in the Hole in the Wall outdoor bar at Raglan Road with a pint of Smithwick’s Ale and a plate of fried scallops from Cookes of Dublin. That would be heaven on earth or at least heaven at Walt Disney World.

  10. Melissa says

    The thing I craved most in the months following my last vacation was the pastitsio at Kouzzina. What a wonderful comfort food!

  11. says

    We ALWAYS at least share a Chicken Shawrama Platter at the Tangerine Cafe! What a terrific meal.

    Gotta also add a vote for the Carrotcake Cookie. Such an amazing snack!

    Another item on our “always” list is the chili-cheese fries at Pecos Bills. Another fun snack that takes the edge off without having a full meal.

    For Disneyland, I was a slave to the Corn Dog from the Corn Dog Castle. The stand is no longer there, but there is another spot in CA for a hand dipped corn dog.

  12. says

    Ahhh, everytime I think I’ve got my final list of restaurants to visit on our next trip, AJ’s posts have me realising what I’m missing in other places! Ohana might have to make it back onto the short list.

    I love the Writer’s Stop but never had the Carot Cake Cookie – that’s definitely one not to miss next time. Plus I only discovered Dole Whips last year so that too. Have a feeling I’m going to spend my whole trip eating.

    And now I’m hungry :)

  13. says

    Kim — Hee hee! Me, too, after writing this!

    Heather — I wonder if it’s worse when you just get back…

    Gillian — I’m not sure where in Epcot you mean, but I promise you that you can find some great chili cheese dogs on property! Enjoy your “homecoming!”

    Carolyn — You’re in my boat: craving lots of foods from a LOT of different Disney parks. :-) When’s your vacation?

    Angeline — Sounds good to me!

    Sara — Yep; macadamia nuts in the ‘cakes. :-) And I’m with you on just about any pastry from the France pavilion!

    Sharon — Tonga Toast = yay!

    RichT — Thanks for the suggestion. If you’re craving sweet for breakfast, go with the Tonga Toast; but if what you want is a medley of flavors, the Samoan is a good choice. Might try it next time if it’s still on the menu!

    Erin — Agreed. We got lucky in September, as it was still on the menu. I’m hoping the au gratin potatoes are just a fill-in until the new bulk order of noodles comes in.

    Dana — Ha! I might have to do that “worst foods in WDW” post!

    Tiffany — Isn’t that a wonderful cinnamon roll? Also love the one from Disneyland!

    Alan — What a wonder picture painted! I want to be right there with you, except I think I’d have a burger…and a Doh Bar!

    Melissa — Comfort food is what WDW does best! Did you grow up with greek-inspired food?

    Amanda — Just in time for Thanksgiving!

    Matt — My husband would say the same thing! That’s his favorite at 50’s and Liberty Tree Tavern; can’t seem to make himself get anything else. :-)

    John — I am a new slave to the Disneyland corn dog. So glad you can still get them at DL and DCA!

    BritMick — I don’t find anything wrong with spending your whole trip eating… :-)

  14. Brenda says

    No Way Jose from Beaches & Cream; Dalkey Duo from Raglan Road; Beef Carpaccio from Il Mulino; Sushi from Wolfgang Puck; Croissants from Boulangerie Patisserie; Crab Toastadas from Le Cava; and the Kirkland from Bluezoo. That’s all I can think of right now! ;-)

  15. Shayne says

    Cheddar Cheese Soup from Le Cellier, Fish & Chips from the little stand outside the Rose & Crown, a Cookies & Creme Shake from Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, and a Strawberry Tart from Boulangerie Patisserie.

    I just ate lunch and now I’m hungry again!

  16. says

    I love ’50s Prime Time, but I have to agree with Matt that their most crave-able item is the pot roast. It’s comfort food perfection. :-)

  17. Ivis Suarez says

    I just had the Carrot Cake Cookie sandwich 2 days ago, for breakfast, and am now addicted!!

  18. says

    Brenda — We expect more later!

    Shayne — Sounds like a GREAT meal! ;-)

    Diane — Two votes for the Pot Roast!

    Ivis — Me, too! Thanks for the comment!

  19. says

    I love these pictures. I am so craving everything! Grey Goose slushy and Dole Whip being the top runners. I haven’t been lucky to eat around the world yet, but it is something that I am looking forward to doing more when I can get down to the world again. So hungry now!

  20. annie says

    I am going to have to say pretty much the entire meal at O’hana- I love it so much we went twice on our trip last week.

    Also the fillet and mushroom risotto at Le Cellier is delicious sad that they are going to be a signature dining soon and hoping they do not change the menu too much when that happens.

  21. says

    Gotta go with the Jalapeno Cheese Filled Pretzels! While it’s easy to find nacho cheese dipping sauce, the filled pretzels are becoming harder and harder to find. There is a stand at Animal Kingdom before you cross the bridge into Asia and a cart as you pass into Disneyland’s Frontierland. Other places, like the Magic Kingdom’s Lunching Pad have discontinued them recently. The cream cheese filled pretzels used to be at Scuttles and I can’t remember the last time I saw the apple filled pretzels. Hmm, the quest continues!

  22. Steve says

    I was at Jiko last week, and the new potato is actually quite good, refines the dish a bit. However, the mac and cheese is still available on the kids menu, and our server mentioned that it could still be prepared as the original dish….

  23. Allison says

    Classic craves:
    The spicy Chip & Dales Snack Mix
    Carrot Cake Cookie from Writer’s Stop
    Sweet roasted nuts from the Streets of America during the holidays
    The pre-packaged rice crispie treats in the shape of whatever holiday it is
    Wings at the Tambu Lounge (best wings I’ve ever had, and a bit of a secret around the WDW property.)

    Suddenly, my leftovers for lunch aren’t looking that delicious… :-)

  24. Rose says

    My daughter and I both agree. The Nachos at T-Rex. I can’t tell you what makes them so good but they are. Also the chocolate fondu at Kona cafe. My son wants a pretzel from Germany. Hubby wants itzakadoozie. (really!)

  25. says

    Although I may never get to fully enjoy one, what is the Pluto’s Cheese Blintzes?

    I really feel bad for whoever decides to read this post before breakfast, there really should be a disclaimer. ;)

  26. Rachel says

    Allears was reporting that the mac and cheese menu change was due to a new chef. So maybe if enough people order the mac and cheese they will realize the error of their ways and revert back. Worse case, they will keep the au gratin and make people still order mac and cheese from side menu to make more money :(

  27. Brandi says

    They did not have the mac and cheese with the filet last June. I asked if I could substitute the mac and cheese for the current side. They let me with no hesitation. I love Jiko!

    I’m craving Kaki Gori, jalapeno cheese pretzels, and sweet and sour chicken from yak and yeti QS.

  28. says

    Brandi — Yep!! They’ll let you substitute (or just get it as an extra side, which is what I do!) Great tip!! Also, jalapeno cheese pretzels — LOVE!

  29. Marcia says

    My husband asked me last night what my favorite food was from all the places we’ve been and “Monte Cristo” sandwich during our honeymoon at DisneyWorld popped into my head. I’ll never forget the “to die for” taste, and that’s been 38 years ago! So I’m up at 4a.m. looking online for the sandwich. What an absolute treat to read about others who feel the same way, as well as see the other yummy foods on this website. Thanks!! Oh my, I’m SO hungry now!!

  30. betsy says

    Dole Whip I get. Also I crave the Liberty Slush and the Jungle Juice slush from AK. Tonga Toast I just had for the first time this weekend. Am I the only one who thinks it’s gross?

  31. Paul S. says

    Without a doubt, when I’m at Animal Kingdom, I have to go to FlameTree Barbecue and get my usual: Half a chicken with the sweet barbecue sause from the condiment table, along with the baked beans (what flavor!), cole slaw and an order of onion rings! NEVER have been disappointed when I get this!

  32. says

    Yes the pommes frites at cafe Orleans along with the monte cristo is the best meal I ever had in all of my Disney travels. We go to disneyworld every year but went to Disneyland last year too and can’t wait to go back for our cafe Orleans meal!!! It is amazingly good!

  33. April says

    Disneyland faves, in no particular order:
    Fried chicken from Plaza Inn (I just order 1 piece to save room for all the other eats!)
    Corn dog
    Dole float
    Monte cristo sandwich & pomes frites from Cafe Orleans
    Chocolate cake pop & peanut butter sandwich on Main Street

  34. PegP says

    According to the menu on the Disney World site, they still serve the mac & cheese with the steak. “Oak-grilled Filet Mignon
    Bobotie Macaroni and Cheese, Grilled Asparagus, Kachumbari, South African Red Wine Sauce”

  35. DFB Sarah says

    Peg P, you’re right. The mac and cheese made a comeback after being gone from the filet entree for a short time. :)

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