Disneyland Halloween Treats

Heather Sievers, the multi-talented inventor of Time Out Spots AND our Disneyland correspondent and food expert, headed over to Marceline Confectionery to check out some Halloween treats!

A trip to Downtown Disney in Anaheim is never complete without a visit to Marceline’s Confectionery. Named after Walt Disney’s hometown, this yummy paradise has everything your sweet tooth desires. We usually go for the chocolate chip cookies, but this time of the year, we can’t resist the Halloween treats.

Halloween Time At Marceline Confectionery

Our personal favorite is the candy corn shaped rice crispy treat. It’s soft and gooey; with a top coat of colored chocolate and well, just plain divine.

Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treat

Marshmallows dipped in chocolate and decorated with candy corn

Halloween Cupcakes

Marshmallows dipped in chocolate with ghost faces

Pretzels dipped in chocolate and decorated with candy corn

Candy Corn Cookies

Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats

We also love the large open window that features a candy maker in action. When we were there this past Friday we saw some pretty cute caramel apples coming to life! Enjoy…

Caramel Apples In the Making

Making Minnie Apples

Minnie Witch Apples

Halloween Apples

Stay tuned for more from Heather and Disneyland!


  1. says

    We LOVE Marceline’s!

    It’s where I like to get my taffy fix when I’m out at The Parks, but they certainly have some tasty other things as well.

    I think I got 2 cavities just reading this article. :)

  2. carolyn says

    Too cute! I got a mini sugar rush looking at the candy-corn covered treats.

    The candy apples are so pretty!

  3. geraldine - "snow" says

    hey aj! do they have these at wdw?! if so where bc i need it after the week ive had LOL

  4. says

    @Geraldine – Your best bet at the Walt Disney World Resort would to try the Main Street Confectionery, as I know for a fact that they have the Halloween Apples on property.

    For a second there I thought the Marshmallows were just a pile of candy corn. I guess it’s useful for something. I happen to like it for one though!


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