Epcot Food and Wine Festival Food Pictures: China, Ireland, and New Zealand Booths

It’s time for more 2010 Epcot Food and Wine Festival booth food pictures! As always, if you want to see full coverage of each booth, check out our Epcot Food and Wine Festival Booth Pages! Click on any booth or country name for detailed information, menus, photos, and prices.

A perpetual favorite of mine, the China booth always offers generous portions of both food and alcohol. This year, a visit to the booth will easily get you enough food for a full meal!

The pork pot stickers are a fantastic appetizer for the barbecue chicken stick, which actually has a lot of flavor (sometimes it seems like flavor is hard to come by when it comes to chicken). The black pepper shrimp and noodles is a massive portion, and could easily be a snack for two. And while we weren’t sold on the ginger ice cream (a last minute addition to the menu!) — the flavor was a bit too strong for our palates — the portion is certainly large enough to split among the whole family.

After absolutely loving the Green Tea Plum Wine Cooler last year, we decided to try the Happy Lychee this year…and boy was it happy. The amount of vodka in this thing was atrocious! If your goal at the festival is to get tipsy as quickly as possible — head to the China booth first.

As always, service here was impeccable.

You can see more pictures, the full menu, and prices on our China Booth Page!

Pot Stickers

Ginger Ice Cream

Xinjiang Barbecue Chicken Stick

Black Pepper Shrimp with Sichuan Noodles

happy lychee

Green Tea Plum Wine Cooler

The Ireland booth is another one with looooooooong lines and happy customers! The Fisherman’s Pie is usually the reason behind both! While the booth is selling other items (including a Kerrygold selection of cheeses and a chocolate lava cake), it’s the Fisherman’s Pie that brought ‘em in last year, and it’s the Fisherman’s Pie that’s bringing ‘em in this year! Hit this booth either very early or very late. Scratch that. Forget about late. Hit it early!

You can find the full menu, prices, and more pictures on our Ireland Booth Page.

Ireland Kerrygold Cheese Selection

Lava Cake, Fisherman's Pie, and Meade

New Zealand
There are two reasons why the line at the New Zealand booth might be long this year: 1. It’s right at the entrance to the World Showcase, so it’s the first booth a lot of hungry folks will hit; and 2. The lamb slider and the scallop dishes are getting top marks from a lot of hungry folks. ;-) Check out more photos, the full menu, and pricing on our New Zealand Booth Page.

Seared Sea Scallop with Vegetable Slaw and Lemon Oil

Lamb Slider

Let us know what YOU’RE loving at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival! Until then, feel free to check out more food pictures on our booth pages!

Fisherman’s Pie and Lava Cake photo, and Lamb Slider photo from Kelly Tressler via the Disney Food Blog Photo Extravaganza Group on flickr.

Scallop photo by Karen Westfall (who just had the most adorable little baby Westfall, ever).


  1. Brenda says

    We were pleasantly surprised by China this year – the quality of their food offerings can be spotty but everything was delicious the day we tried it. And yes, that was the happiest Lychee I’ve ever had! I watched the CM pour the whole drink and other than the ice there was nothing but liqueur and vodka in my cup. By the time I finished it I was airborn!! Wahahaha!!

    Ireland’s cheese plate was much improved this year too – neither the cheese nor the bread were stale and they tasted great with a Guinness.

    New Zealand’s meat clot (as we like to call it) was also much improved over last year – great flavor and very juicy. Tasted great with at least 9 of the beers from the 15 beers for every year booth! :-)

  2. Galloping Gourmand says

    I attended with an honest to goodness fresh off the boat Irishman. He was insulted by the fisherman’s pie. He said that they never have lobster and scallops in it in Ireland. My, was he insulted. I then called it a “Irish style New England fisherman’s pie” and he agreed.

    I would just say it was kinda yummy so who cares either way.

  3. Elisabeth says

    We fell in love with the black pepper shrimp from China and the fisherman’s pie from Ireland. Was it me, or did the lamb slider have the consistency of meatloaf? It was good, but the texture threw me off a bit. But all my cohorts have insisted I make everything we tried from those booths…looks like I have some cooking to do!

  4. says

    I think that Ginger ice cream really is a dignified taste. Sort of like candy corn, you either like it or you don’t.

    I’m not much of a fan of meat on a stick, but it does make preparation a bit easier.

    That explains why some people are over the top, it’s because they went to the China booth. Maybe next time I’m down there for the food and wine festival and I come across someone I’ll ask the person how the China booth was!

  5. Don says

    Have you purchased food at the Ireland booth when it rained? The roof drains on the guests! That great design is also used at France, Japan, and New Zealand — to name just a few. How about the waiting line. There is an umbrella to shelter the cash register and the cast members. Guests? The umbrellas drains onto them. Where are the Disney design engineers???

    Think about this. If you make it through ordering, you can’t wait at the booth’s counter because the roof is designed to drain where you stand. Most people will take a hint and stand back. Oh, and what happens when you get your food? You take it through the roof drips…

    Yikes! Thank goodness there was a drought through most of the festival…

  6. says

    Elisabeth — Let me know when you do the cooking! I’m happy to come over and taste-test!! :-)

    Josh — There were several booths pouring the alcohol strong and hard this year — Singapore was another!

    Don — Great point! Luckily, I wasn’t at the festival when it rained this year, and I must have missed those booths when I was there during the downpours last year!

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