Dining in Disneyland: Steakhouse 55 Brunch

I promised a second new columnist this week, and here she is! Heather Sievers (you can read her bio here!) — a Disney expert, business owner, wife, and mom of two boys who calls Disneyland her second home — will be popping in from time to time to share some great stories about Dining in Disneyland!

The boys in my household LOVE a good steak, so a few years ago we opted for Steakhouse 55 instead of Goofy’s Kitchen which are side by side in the Disneyland Hotel. Don’t get me wrong, Goofy’s Kitchen is a blast, but if you are looking for something more peaceful, elegant, and rich in décor, you must check out Steakhouse 55. And while most people think of Steakhouse 55 as a dinner spot, one of Disneyland’s best kept secrets is the brunch served there!


From the minute you walk through the lobby, you are taken back in time. The décor features lush purple velvet chairs, beautiful lighting and walls covered in large black and white photos of old Hollywood stars. It is a completely chaos free environment.

Steakhouse 55 Interior

Photo of Walt in Entryway


Steakhouse 55 has become one of our favorite restaurants, and my husband says they serve the best steak he’s ever had…EVER. At the rate we eat out and enjoy food, this says a lot. Coincidentally, my 9 year old is following in those footsteps, which is becoming pricey! When his birthday rolled around this year he chose Steakhouse 55 for brunch, so here we are…

Adult Brunch Menu -- click for larger version

We had been to Steakhouse 55 for dinner on several occasions, but this was our first brunch experience. I ordered the “Build your own Omelette,” which was delicious.

Build Your Own Omelet

My husband had the New York Steak and Eggs. His plate was pretty much licked clean, so I’m guessing he enjoyed it!

New York Steak and Eggs

As far as the kids menu goes, it is limited, but does not disappoint. Children can choose from a variety of cereals (which I don’t recommend you waste your money on — they are those teeny tiny boxes and cost $6.99), Mickey-shaped pancake, or the Junior Scramble. Each kids meal comes with fresh fruit, yogurt and a drink.

Kids Brunch Menu -- click for larger size

My youngest had the Junior Scramble. This included perfectly cooked bacon of which he ate every single bite.

Junior Scramble

Now for the kicker: my oldest wanted Mickey Waffles, which were not on the menu. But of course, our server said she’d take care of it and went off to work some Disney magic. When his meal came, we were expecting those famous little Mickey faces, but instead it was one great big one, which we had never seen before. What a fun surprise!

Mickey Waffle -- not on menu, but a birthday treat through a little Disney magic


Steakhouse 55 is a legend of Disney dining, and although the opportunity to dine there for dinner should always be taken, having brunch there means you’re really in the know! While the food is simple and classic, it’s consistently delicious. Highly recommended.

Steakhouse 55 can be found on the ground floor of the Disneyland Hotel in Disneyland Resort. Breakfast/Brunch hours at Steakhouse 55 are Monday through Sunday 7:00 am to 11:30 am. Reservations are recommended, 714.781.3463.


  1. Alan says

    Brunch at a good steakhouse is heaven. Nice pics and nice review. Welcome Heather, and I am looking foward to more about dining in DL.

  2. Shayne says

    Good to know! We ate at Steakhouse 55 for dinner on our trip in September and LOVED it. Now we’ll have to think about trying the brunch. Thanks for the “insider” tip!

  3. Madoka says

    Woot, a Dining in Disneyland column! :D We go to DL several times a year; it is definitely our home park. I’ve never been to Steakhouse 55 and will have to try it soon. That NY steak and eggs looks delish. Welcome, Heather, and looking forward to your future columns! :) And thanks, AJ, for expanding yet again the scope of this blog and exploring all that Disney has to offer to us in the culinary sense.

  4. says

    Nice review Heather!

    It is a great idea to go to a nice restaurant for his birthday, even though he wanted Mickey Waffles. My guess is that they just went on over next door to Goofy’s kitchen and got a fresh Mickey Waffle. You’ve just got to love their service there, because I know if he wanted something special at the local breakfast joint, they’d deny it.

    I guess this can now go up on AJ’s page of Mickey Waffles. ;)

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