The Big Deal About Butterscotch Pudding

“Holy delicious!!” “Not to miss.” “Crazy good.” These are the kinds of reviews I’d been hearing about the butterscotch pudding at the new La Luce by Donna Scala at the Hilton Bonnet Creek Resort. That’s right; butterscotch pudding. Like, the stuff you remember from when you were a kid that came out of a box or a plastic cup and was pretty much what was left over after everyone else ate the chocolate pudding. I was skeptical to say the least. I’ve clearly never been a butterscotch pudding fan.

But my favorite review — and the one that made me finally want to close the book on this dessert — was from’s food critic, Jim Webster: “There are other options beside the butterscotch pudding. They may even be good. Ignore them.”

It turns out this stuff even has its own facebook fan page.

Fast forward to my recent Orlando trip where we got the chance to head over to La Luce (the Hilton Bonnet Creek is located between Downtown Disney and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, inside the WDW gates) and finally try it.

La Luce Butterscotch Pudding

And, yeah. This is not the pudding you remember from your lunch box — or even from your grandma’s homemade recipe. Made with 12-year Macallan Scotch, the pudding is velvety rich, and creamy. There’s no hint of gelatin or jiggle, and there’s no alcoholic after-taste; the flavor profile is a deep, pure, smooth sweetness.

My favorite part — it’s complimented by huge pieces of chocolate covered, salted toffee that’s so soft it melts in your mouth (the Chef came upon the consistency secret by accident — someone left a tray of toffee in the freezer by mistake)! The chunks of sea salt on top are the perfect balance for the strong sweet of the pudding. Go ahead and double dip; I know I did…

Tasting Version of Butterscotch Pudding

Later on in the trip I had the chance to taste the pudding again — in a smaller size — and still ate every last drop. While you can “hit a sugar wall” a few bites in with some sweet desserts, that is (unfortunately) NOT a problem with this one. Instead, you’ll promise yourself you’ll only have a tiny taste of it and then be surprised when you look down and you’ve eaten the whole thing. Yeah. It’s that kind of dessert. I’m sure you know of which I speak.

I’ll be reviewing La Luce in the next few weeks on the blog (YUM! Seriously…yum.), but this deserved its own post. It’s that good.

“Holy delicious!!”

Thanks to the Hilton Bonnet Creek for the opportunity to finally figure out what all the shouting was about! While our dinner and hotel stay was complimentary, they certainly didn’t tell me I had to love that pudding enough to add on about 5 pounds to my hips! My opinions — and my hips — are my own problem.


  1. Barbara Totherow says

    Now, I have always loved butterscotch pudding—–box mix, plastic, and even filmed over in an hours-old salad trough. But this sounds incredible! Gotta try it!

  2. says

    Barb — Thanks for the comment! It’s truly an incredible version of what sounds like one of your favorite desserts! :-)

  3. carolyn says

    I’m now obsessing over this and A) I am not really fond of pudding and B) I am not super fond of butterscotch. It sounds delicious though. Why am I staying on property again??? :)

  4. says

    Ha ha! Carolyn, I really do hope you get to try it. La Luce comes highly recommended by me. I’m hoping to figure out how I can get back there during our December trip! Amazing food.

  5. says

    O – M – G. The perfect dessert is all about the mixture of sweet and salty – that’s why the sel gris ice cream at Hollywood Brown Derby is so tasty. I will definitely have to try this!

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