New Epcot Coffee Kiosk and Snack Stand Opens By Monorail

Yowza!! Thanks to Amanda Tinney, who writes Disney Every Day, for sending along these photos of the brand new snack and coffee stand outside of Epcot.

New Epcot Snack Stand and Coffee Kiosk

This is located next to the monorail station outside of the main entrance of Future World. I love the EPCOT Center-esque fonts and roundy corners!

Menu 1

Menu 2

Looks like the fare is similar to what you’ll find throughout the snack and coffee kiosks in the park, including those monstrous sprinkled sugar cookies. I’ll have to try one of those sometime to see what it really taste like. I’m not optimistic.

Baked Goods

Have you been to the new snack stand? What’d you think? Good coffee? Bad coffee?


  1. says

    I can’t tell from the photos…is it real brewed coffee like the kiosk by Mission: Space or is it the horrible Nescafe stuff? Usually if it’s Nescafe it’ll say it on the menu so I’m crossing my fingers that this is the read deal!!!

  2. says

    This cart is a new location for Joffrey’s Coffee Co., the Operating Participants that run four locations inside Epcot already: by Ellen’s Energy Adventure, to the left when entering World Showcase, near Off Kilter stage, and between Italy and the American pavilion.

    This coffee is not only fresh brewed, but it is roasted in Tampa, less than an hour’s drive from WDW. Fresh roasted coffee is delivered weekly to these kiosks, ground on site, and brewed fresh. And if you’ve noticed the espresso machines, you know they’re the real deal. They change what drip coffees they are offering from time to time, I noticed this past weekend that they are brewing coffee sourced from Rwanda for their ‘regular’ drip. Flavored drip coffees are often available as well.

    People that don’t think you can get a good cup of coffee either don’t know what a good cup of coffee is (you can that Charbuck$ for that) or they haven’t found these places yet.

    BTW, I’m a coffee snob, if you hadn’t figured that out yet.

  3. Laurie says


    Thanks for letting us know! I’m so excited to be able to have a really good cup of coffee and walk around my favorite place in the world!


  4. says

    Dana — What about pizza? Slushies? Dole Whips? Mickey bars? ;-)

    Jon — Yay! I know we talked about it once before, but feel free to send one over any time!

    Laurie — Maybe they’re creeping ahead in the coffee department!

  5. Alan says

    This is getting very exciting; all these new restaurants, sister restaurants and various stands. I am getting turned around on the Disney Corporation seeming lack of trying on their eateries. Some might say they are farming out the food and beverage part of the parks, but if they can bring in excellence, I’m okay with that. Good food is good food no matter who owns the restaurant. As long as the new places keep the “Magic”, thats great.

  6. says

    Alan — I’m excited as well! And I agree 100%; if you can pay someone to do it as well as or better than you can do it yourself, I’m good with that!

    Chef BFP — I had no idea you were a coffee snob!

  7. catherine says

    One thing to note here: the Joffrey’s stands inside the park do not accept the Disney Dining Plan. So if you’re thinking to use counter or snack credits here, I doubt you will be able to.

  8. says

    My first thought was that I looooove the “decor” of the place with the retro font (and the “roundy corners” as you so perfectly put it!), but I was doubly excited to find out that they DON’T serve Nescafe here! Now if Disney would take a hint and get rid of Nescafe everywhere else on property, WDW would be a more magical place for all!

    (My dad—a coffeeaholic—even said that the next time he goes to WDW, he’s packing his Keruig so he can have “real” coffee in the morning!)

  9. says

    I just became a Keurig / Breville owner (yum) – I really enjoy a good quality cup of coffee or even a great authentic capuccino etc… So happy Disney is doing the right thing here.

    Funny story is that some European guests I spoke to many years ago were surprised at the lack of coffee available in the parks. I am sure these changes are through years of guest feedback AND increasingly higher traffic from tourists who demand better than nescafe.

  10. says

    Shelley — Not a silly question at all! It’s my guess that you CAN bring them into Epcot, but I haven’t personally tried yet. :-)

  11. Jennifer says

    Looking forward to Jon’s post. I’m considering dragging my Keurig with me when we go again, and if he can spare me that, I’d be really grateful.
    I’m not a snob, but I do drink it black, so I have been known to go cross-eyed when I get something a little *off*.

  12. maryvh says

    This is great news!!! I am so happy to find out about this coffee spot and that it is real brewed coffee. Now if they’d only put one near the front entrance to MK!!!!

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