Babycakes Vegan Cupcakes Now Available in Orlando’s Downtown Disney

This Fall Disneyland gets a cupcake stand, and so does Disney World!

Along with Pollo Campero and Fresh Apeel, Babycakes NYC Bakery opened up in the Downtown Disney Marketplace this week!

This bakery, featuring gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, vegan, agave-sweetened, and kosher products (among others) is an ideal place to finish off a meal and a great place to cater to special diets. Check out the menu from the shop’s NYC location to get an idea of what they’ll be offering.

Thanks to @PlazaandMainSt for this pic from the new bakery: a chocolate cupcake top: $2

Chocolate Cupcake Top


  1. Carolyn says

    Yay! Can’t wait to try one. Just one more snack to try, too! Sigh… Too many snacks not enough tummy-room! :-). I wonder if they sell the cookie sandwich there? That looks really good

  2. Junebug says

    I just went here yesterday. The lemon cupcakes are great and also the mint ones. The cupcakes here are sooo much better than the Disney cupcakes. The frosting is more flavorful and less full of crusty sugar and air. I also tried their vanilla crunch donut which I enjoyed. The donut is a cake donut but much better than the ones at Dunkin’ Donuts. It didn’t taste dry or stale, it was more moist and the glaze was very sweet, moist and ample. My husband had the seasonal pumpkin cupcake and I really liked it to even though I really don’t like pumpkin. We are both definitely not vegan but these cupcakes were just better in general. They had a lot of flavor and freshness. Also, the price was better than the Disney prices. You get a regular sized cupcake rather than a ginormous cupcake and the price is about a dollar fifty less. I’d much rather have a smaller portion for a smaller price. They also have cakepops which I am excited to try.

  3. Junebug says

    Carolyn, they do have a cookie sandwhich with frosting in the middle. It looked really good. They also have banana bread loaves and brownies.

  4. Carolyn says

    Thanks!! I’m so excited!! I will be making a point to go here in March! We’ve a few cupcake stores in the puget sound but I don’t recall one that is vegan ( or gluten free ). Thanks for the report!!

  5. carolyn says

    And… were these planned eateries or a surprise? I knew Pollo was coming but am really pleasantly surprised to see the other two.

  6. Junebug says

    Fresh Apeel, Pollo Campero and Babycakes are all in the same building. Fresh Apeel has burgers and fries and other sandwhiches. Pollo has chicken and is a lot like pollo tropical. There’s also a little bar. The prices are around 7 bucks and it’s all fast food and to go stuff.

  7. marci says

    omg, sooo excited about this! I’m not vegan or vegetarian but I like having the option of eating healthier options .. plus I’ve eaten at the NYC babycakes and everything we tried was delicious!

  8. says

    I had a hard time understanding that was a cupcake top. Do they just sell them like that?

    I guess it would be okay if you didn’t want much, but if they’re doing that they mine as well just sell you a cup of the frosting as well!

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