Tron-Inspired Menu Pops Up in Culver City

According to LA Weekly, Royal/T, a premier Culver City shop/cafe/art space has introduced a Tron-inspired menu from November 19th-December 23rd! This is part of a temporary Tron makeover for the location, which will feature Tron merchandise and art in addition to the food.

Lightcycle Sushi and Identity Disk Cake | photos copyright LA Weekly

The menu will include entrees like a sushi roll shaped like a lightcycle, a cocktail, a “Tron Legacy High Tea,” and a dessert representing an identity disk.

The flavor combinations are dubiously related to the movie. We doubt Flynn’s Arcade ever served a blue crab roll with creamed wasabi ($8), but if you squint hard enough, that husk of endive tucked between half-moons of citrus ($8) does resemble an edible lightcycle. We don’t, however, recommend flinging around the white chocolate lava cake ($6) like it’s an identity disk.

Thanks to @Tarihc for sending along this news!


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