Disney Brands Its Own Snack Chip Line

Disney has forged ahead in branding yet another product its guests consume large quantities of each day — snack chips!

Disney Snack Chip Line

That’s right, instead of Lays brand, guests will be receiving Disney brand chips, cheese curls, tortilla chips, and BBQ chips with their counter service meals these days.

The good news: the potato chips are gluten free and vegan! (The cheese curls are gluten free, but I’m not sure about the others. Will check it out!)

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I’ll try to rip open a bag and give you a taste soon! You can find these in Disneyland and Disney World.


  1. Janell says

    Just got home from my trip to Walt Disney World and I absolutely loved these gluten free cheese curls. Thanks Disney for keeping up with what the people want

  2. says

    Are Cheese Curls basically the equivalent of Cheetos?

    Also, I can see some confusion arising with the Tortilla Chips, because it is very hard to see that they are Nacho Tortilla Chips, or Doritos.

  3. Galloping Gourmand says

    Nice that they have a gluten free offering.

    Any word on the manufacturer? Where do they get their chips from?

  4. Griffin says

    Looks like a cute idea, Any info on the prices? I’m guessing for a snack bag they would be about $2.50?

  5. Alan says

    It would be a fun remembrance of a WDW vacation to pop open a bag of Disney chips a few months after returning home.

  6. Sarah says

    A small bag of the plain chips came with my Italian Sausage in a Baguette over at Min & Bill’s on Saturday. I finally at them last night, and they were standard, plain kettle chips. I do like that they are kettle cooked as opposed to the plain Lay’s they used to have.

    Griffin – I neglected to check the prices although I did see they did sell bigger bags of the tortilla chips & Barbecue. It appears chips at quick service stops around the Studios (and other places on property) are $2.69, but I don’t know if that has changed.

  7. Joy4Tigger says

    Cheryl – I agree! I wanted to check them out when I was there in November but never got around to it. At least the big bags of pretzels & mickey head cheese crackers are still kosher!

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