Disney Food Pics of the Week: “Who’s the Leader of the Club…”

Thanks to all who have contributed their photos to the Disney Food Blog Photo Extravaganza! Keep sending them along! This week, the Disney Food Pics of the Week feature the leader of the club — Mickey himself — as represented in food!

A classic cupcake with Mickey sprinkles — it doesn’t get any more Disney than that! Photographer: Angela Sledz

A dessert from the Vulcania Restaurant in Tokyo DisneySea! Photographer PeterPanFan had this to say about it when I asked, “I can’t tell you the exact name but it was kinda like a custard but firmer… basically jello but with a milk base instead of water… honestly most of the flavor came from the sauces on the side which were raspberry and lemon.” :-)

Birthday cupcakes (homemade!). Photographer: lselph

All images are copyrighted to their photographers. Do not download or re-use without photographer permission.

As always, thank you to the photographers who have submitted these photos to the Disney Food Blog Photo Extravaganza on Flickr! Come join us!

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  1. Angela says

    Yay my cupcake! That one was from Ohana in celebration of my graduation from teachers college… it was my 2nd degree, and yet I was asked each time if I was graduating from highschool haha… I look really young I guess!

  2. says

    That’s really a great picture of the cupcake Angela! Keeping the Foreground focused on the sprinkles while the background is blurry.

    I’m guessing the dessert from DisneySea would pretty much be a custard gelatin then?

  3. says

    Angela — It’s a gorgeous pic! Thank you for donating it! And congrats on looking so young :-)

    Josh — Sounds like it, eh? :-)

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