Main Street Ice Cream Parlor Christmas Decorations

I’m always enamored with Disney’s attention to detail when it comes to holiday decor. Strolling down Main Street, I stopped into the ice cream parlor to take a look…

Main Street Ice Cream Parlor Outdoor Holiday decor

Inside, huge wreaths dominated the walls, but it was the decorations on those wreaths that caught my eye. The first set of wreaths had tiny, glass ice cream cones hanging from them!

main street ice cream parlor ice cream wreath

While most of the cones were innocuous and plain…

main street ice cream parlor ice cream cone decoration

Main Street Ice Cream Parlor Ice Cream Cone Decoration

I was quite interested in this one! Does Disney have a Dairy Queen affiliation? I love the perfectly rounded puffs of ice cream a la Dairy Queen!

Main Street Ice Cream Parlor Ice Cream Cone Decoration

Next up were the cupcake wreaths! Since the ice cream parlor sometimes sells cupcakes (at least they sold Halloween Cupcakes!), I can see the correlation.

Cupcake Wreath

Main Stree Ice Cream Parlor Cupcake Decoration

We’ll continue checking out other Main Street decorations in a later post! See you then!


  1. says

    I don’t think that Dairy Queen and Disney have a real affiliation with eachother, but I do know that Disney allows them to some rights as DQ can use Disney-related pictures on occasion for their cakes and such items.

    By the way, is the Giant Wreath outside real? It looks AMAZING!

  2. says

    Josh — I’m pretty sure the wreath outside is artificial — Disney tends to use the same decorations over and over again each year :-)

    Emily — Since the other ones were purple, I think they’re supposed to be cupcakes, but I’ve been wrong many a time! ;-D

  3. carolyn says

    Nice decorations – you’re right, they sure do pay attention to detail! (now i want to go to Dairy Queen for a soft-serve….)

  4. Whitney says

    Ahhh – DQ. This post reminded me of the FOUR years in my teens when I worked there. Perfecting the rounded balls and “curl” is the very first thing you learn. It’s a lot harder than you think, but once you have it it’s like riding a bike. Now a decade later I can wow people with a perfect curl at at any self-serve soft serve machine.

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