Disney Food Post Round-Up: December 12, 2010

Flying Fish Serving Breakfast

Welcome to the December 12th Weekly Round-Up! First, the news:

  • Don’t forget to vote for your favorites in the DFB Choice Awards! Casting your vote will help other Disney guests to make decisions about their dining planning thanks to your experience and thoughts.
  • Disney’s providing quick-service coupons in Disney World and Disneyland. Click here for more info.
  • Flying Fish Cafe is currently serving Kouzzina‘s breakfast menu while Kouzzina is undergoing refurbishment.
  • Don’t forget to check out SamLand’s Disney Adventures for an opportunity to give back this holiday season!

And don’t forget to check out our suggestions for holiday gifts for the Disney foodie in your life!

  • Disney Food Blog Holiday Gift Ideas, Part 2
  • Disney Food Blog Holiday Gift Ideas, Part I
  • And now, on to the round-up!

    Culinary in the Country, one of my favorite food blogs, brings us a great trip report from WDW!

    Kevin Kidney has a fitting nod to Walt Disney on what would have been Disney’s 109th birthday.

    Main Street Gazette finds one of the strangest banana splits I’ve ever seen

    etckt has compiled a list of the films included in the clips at Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Sci-Fi Dine-In! Awesome!!

    Cupcakes Take The Cake has cupcakes that remind me of 1. Peter Pan, 2. Animal Kingdom, 3. Pop Century Resort…in that order.

    Eating (and Drinking) Around the World makes Morocco’s Beef Kefta Pocket from the 2010 Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

    Two Boos Who Eat have their “Disneyland Monday” post, which is pretty funny… but if you love Tron, you might not want to read…


    1. Jeff W. says

      The Two Boos Who Eat piece made my day. Because, yes, TRON absolutely does suck . I remember, as a young lad, being so pumped and primed to go see the movie after playing the living heck out of the arcade game (which is still, in my opinion, completely above reproach; unlike the movie). Then the day finally came…and I was lulled into actually falling asleep in the theatre (a first for me; and the only other time I can recall this happening is while going to see the obscenely overrated Men In Black, starring that tirelessly charming and erudite scamp, Will “Ah, HELL no!” Smiff) by the impressive, dreamlike visuals combined with the leaden, meandering, near-incomprehensible plot. And it reduces my faith in the whole of humanity that the movie has gained enough of a cult following over the years as to warrant making a (pretty-looking, but pointless) sequel.

      But I digress.

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