Guest Review: Narcoossee’s

A big thanks to Mary Giordano, who has been kind enough to review another special dining opportunity in the Grand Floridian Resort, Narcoossee’s! You can see Mary’s other guest review for Disney Food Blog here. Take it away, Mary!

Narcoossee’s, known for its extensive seafood menu, is located at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. It is just one of the resort’s three signature dining locations (the others being Citricos and Victoria & Albert’s). While planning my recent trip, I called ahead soon enough and booked dinner reservations at a premier time during the Wishes fireworks. It didn’t take long for Narcoossee’s to earn not one, but two “Best of” awards in my book.

Narcoossee’s stands alone in its own octagonal building right on the water of the Seven Seas Lagoon, adjacent to the boat launch for travel to the Magic Kingdom. At night, the restaurant’s exterior is lit up with lights; while inside, the lights are dim, giving it a truly intimate feel.

Narcoossees Seating

The interior is a rotunda with a high ceiling. The tables are lined up in a crescent along the side which overlooks the lagoon. Upon checking in, we asked the infamous question, “Can we get a table by the window?” We were told that all window tables were going to be occupied for the rest of the night, as the fireworks were starting in an hour.

We waited about 15 minutes, during which we visited the bar for a glass of wine from their extensive selections. When we were buzzed for a table, we were lead directly to a table right by the window! I also had this very same unexpected ‘magical moment’ years ago at California Grill, so never give up hope as it never hurts to ask).

Narcoossees Bar and Mural

Narcoossee's Window Table

The purple and blue glow of Cinderella Castle was easily visible from our seats. While we waited for the fireworks and ordered dinner, the Electrical Water Pageant floated right by our window. When the restaurant’s lights dimmed further and the Wishes music began to play over the speakers, I decided that Narcoossee’s wins my vote for Best Signature Dining Atmosphere. There is nothing quite like enjoying a fine meal with an impressive fireworks display in the distance.

Narcoossee's Fireworks View

For those that do not have a table by the window, there are outside viewing areas surrounding the restaurant. Though the outside viewers may unintentionally block the window views, everyone does have a chance to see the show.

Indulge me for a moment as I rave about the butter. I knew that I was about to devour a great meal when the bread arrived accompanied by a slab of creamy butter sprinkled in Hawaiian sea salt. I had never even heard of Hawaiian sea salt, but it must have been the best melt-in-your-mouth butter I have ever had!

Narcoossees bread and butter

The menu at Narcoossee’s has a large selection of seafood items including lobster, snapper, tuna, flounder and shrimp. It also has a selection of non-seafood dishes including a grilled filet mignon. I opted for the Surf & Turf: two medallions of filet mignon, a Caribbean lobster tail, duchess potatoes and broccolini.

The filet medallions were outstanding. They were cooked perfectly with just the right tenderness and a savory seasoning. I was a bit disappointed in the lobster tail. The meat seemed overcooked and somewhat chewy. I also doubted that it was as fresh as their whole Maine lobsters which are flown in daily. The potatoes and broccoli were very flavorful sides that complimented the main dish.

Surf and Turf

And now…the pièce de résistance: dessert! I’m sure there were other dessert options, but they were overshadowed by this beauty, the Almond-crusted cheesecake.

Almond Crusted Cheesecake

I know what you’re thinking: I was blinded by its beauty…wrong! This is the most delicious decadent dessert one can imagine, which is why it wins my vote for (bold statement alert!) Best Dessert on Property. My friend was also in agreement. I welcome any and all challenges to the contrary.

I cannot speak highly enough of the ambiance at Narcoossee’s. This is a wonderful location for a quiet dinner or a special occasion. Be sure to book your reservation about an hour before Wishes is scheduled for that evening. Most nights Wishes runs at 9pm, but other nights, like the evening I visited, it runs at 10pm. Check the Magic Kingdom calendar at to find out. Window seats are not guaranteed, so it is best to check-in early to your reservation to put in your request.

The setting here is fairly formal, therefore it is best to leave the tank tops, hats and flip flops back in the hotel room. Nice jeans or slacks are considered acceptable. Also, plan to spend approximately $70 – $100 per person including drinks, appetizers and desserts. The Dining Plan is accepted at Narcoossee’s but uses 2 full-service meals per person.


  1. carolyn says

    (tee hee, I always giggle a little when I read about Narcoosees, darn them WDW Today podcasters!)

    Looks really good – but still has a casual look to it where you wouldn’t’ feel uncomfortable dressed in park attire! but the dress tip were great. :) The dessert looks so cute, Yummy!!!!!!!!! (but now I’m more intrigued by the bread and butter!!!) I never thought of this place as a nice area to see the fireworks before, usually thought of Cal Grill, what a nice alternative.

    now i’m hungry!!!! :)

  2. Alan says

    Nice review, Mary. You captured the casual elegance of Narcoossee’s. We usually eat here on our trips as I love seafood and especially lobster. As someone who lived on Long Island and spent a lot of time in Maine, these are a bit pricey compared to what I used to spend on a take home lobster that I would cook. But on the DDP it is worth it when you factor in the beautiful decor and of course the view out the window. Not too many Castles on L.I.

    Being used to North Atlantic lobster, Caribbean tails are a poor substitute to my palate. It a different taste, not nearly as sweet or tender.

  3. says

    Narcoossee’s is one of our favourite stops when at WDW.

    I was also very impressed with the special service they gave on our honeymoon. We received a free champagne toast on Mickey, and were given special menus with the date and a Happy Honeymoon banner on them. Just that little extra bit to make you feel special.

    If you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, this restaurant is one of the best stops you can make in terms of value for points.

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