Gingerbread Displays At Disney World 2010, Part 2

As you know, Disney World showcases some truly edible artistry when it comes to their amazing gingerbread displays during the holidays! So far this year, we’ve gone on a photo tour of the Grand Floridian’s Gingerbread House and the gingerbread displays in Disney’s Boardwalk, Beach Club, and Contemporary resorts.

American Adventure Gingerbread House

Today, we’re checking out the gingerbread houses at the Polynesian Resort, the fun gingerbread and gum (yep — GUM!) display at Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Tree Tavern, the (non-edible, but food-related) display at Yacht Club, and the life-sized gingerbread house at Epcot’s American Adventure!

Yacht Club Resort
Over at the Yacht Club Resort, we switch gears to check out a massive toy train display! This one includes intricate scenes, gorgeous mini-lights, and tons of fun detail!

Yacht Club Display Close Up

While it’s not edible, the displays include nods to many of the destinations — including restaurants — around the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts. I had to take some photos of those, as well as the food related scenes for you!

The Yacht Club Galley

Yacht Club Display Candy Store

Yacht Club Display Crew's Cup

Yacht Club Display Hot Chocolate Machine

Yacht Club Display Beaches and Cream

Yacht Club Display Cape May Cafe Sign

There are more signs, but I just loved these images!

Polynesian Resort
Thanks to Erin Foster, our Disney Food for Families columnist here on the Disney Food Blog, we get a peek at the Polynesian Resort gingerbread houses!

According to Erin, “Houses are on the second floor near the monorail. They are small — the size you might actually make at home. They almost look like they were part of a contest or something, but there is no signage at all, just a long table with the houses.”

Snow Globe Gingerbread House

Polynesian Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House with Mickey Pool

Boat Gingerbread House

Hidden Mickeys Gingerbread House

Snowy Gingerbread House

Liberty Tree Tavern
Over at Liberty Tree Tavern (our favorite lunch spot, as you know!), there’s a lovely display stretching the length of the main lobby area and waiting room! I was perplexed that the whole room smelled so much like cinnamon, but then I realized that the red “brick” of many of the buildings was in fact cinnamon gum! Such a great idea, eh?

Liberty Tree Tavern Display

There are several other buildings as well, along with many townspeople (dressed in Revolutionary War era garb in line with the theme of the restaurant). While there is some gingerbread here, I was impressed by the use of other types of edible “building blocks.”

Liberty Tree Tavern Display House

Liberty Tree Tavern Display Archway

Liberty Tree Tavern Display Log Cabin

Epcot American Adventure Pavilion
Finally, over at the American Adventure Pavilion in Epcot, they’ve built their life-sized gingerbread house again! It’s full of sweet, snowy detail, and the best part is you can buy gingerbread and more inside!

American Adventure Gingerbread House Front

American Adventure Gingerbread House Roof and Snow Drifts

American Adventure Gingerbread House Inside

American Adventure Gingerbread House Pricing for Treats

Thanks for joining us on our sweet tour of the Gingerbread Displays in Disney World this year! Looking forward to seeing you again next year (fingers crossed we get to go during the holidays again!) :-)


  1. vanessa gordon says

    In past years the Gingerbread houses at the Polynesian were a competition among the various staff that work at the Poly. Each house had a sign with a theme name,and there was a box to drop your votes into.

  2. Becky says

    The Yacht Club displays cheat a little bit though…the buildings and characters (and hot chocolate machine) are all Department 56 (North Pole Collection) which they put Yacht Club signs over. I have all of those buildings myself!

  3. Betsy says

    Thanks for the great article. I was so happy to see Erin’s pictures of the Poly gingerbread displays as they went up late this year and I missed them. Fabulous as always.

  4. says

    Michele — Thanks, my friend!!

    Vanessa — Great back story! Thank you!

    Becky — Good point… ;-)

    Betsy — I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Yep, Erin sent those pics last night as I was putting the post together! Lucky!!

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