NEWS! Via Napoli Pizza By The Slice and Turkey Leg T-Shirts

Via Napoli Pizza Margherita

A couple of fun pieces of food news have come out of the Disney World grapevine this weekend!

For the Pizza Lover…
Interesting news from the Disney Parks facebook page:

Now through January 7, you can enjoy Sicilian-style Margherita pizza by the slice at a pick-up podium at Via Napoli. An a la carte single-serving dessert and fountain beverage will also be available.

So, for all of us who’ve been hoping for a counter-service pizza window at Via Napoli, maybe this is a promising start! Sounds like this is another antidote to the “heavy crowds” of the holidays like we saw over in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Italian Food cart, but hopefully it will stick around. (Thanks to reader Pudge the Fish for the heads up!)

And in Turkey Leg News…
Also in fun Disney food news, our friend and colleague Fishy Rocket Boy who writes Eating (and Drinking) Around WDW caught this cool turkey leg t-shirt in the World the other day! Check out his post for more

Anyone else have any fun news to share?! Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. carolyn says

    Oooh! Pizza by the slice! I wonder how that will work being that the style of pizza is rather thin and slippery? Sure sounds (and looks) good! Mmmm… mozzarella…

  2. says

    I truly do hope that the Via Napoli cart is such a success that they keep it going into the spring. We did not make ADRs there for the spring trip, but I would love to try the pizza at one point.

  3. Alan says

    I think this is how the beer and snack carts at Epcot started. They put them up to accommodate the holiday traffic and they stuck. Between Via Napoli here and the Mama Melrose counter service at the Studios; it would be a great start. Pizza by the slice, I feel like back home in NYC.

  4. Griffin says

    I have to admit, the turkey leg t-shirt looks fun!! I didn’t even really love the one I had, but this shirt is a winner :D

  5. says

    Wow, that is definitely a step in the right direction for Via Napoli. My guess is that they are just testing it to see how it’s going to go and if it turns out well they may keep it. They really could expand the pizza given out though.

    Nice t-shirt find. I wonder if it has something witty on the back. ;)

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