Victoria and Albert’s Time Lapse Video

Erin Foster, Disney Food Blog’s Disney Food for Families columnist and Disney World Moms Panelist, put together this v. cool time lapse video of her dinner at Victoria and Albert’s last week! She set the camera to take one photo every 2 minutes seconds. Check it out!

Don’t worry — we’ll have more pics of the dinner soon (in fact, we have 2 V&A posts coming up soon)! Just wanted to give you a “taste!”


  1. says

    Wow, that is quite the meal.

    When I watched the video I counted 6 courses (including dessert) which seemed all pretty decently sized.

    It seems as though the camera took pictures a bit more often than two minutes as that would’ve been a very long dinner!

  2. Lorie says

    I agree with Josh. It had to be more than every 2 minutes. I was about to say that the V&A staff let the empty dishes sit too long. Interesting way to capture the event though.

  3. Erin Foster says

    Josh – There were six and a half delicious courses. And the camera was actually set to take a photo every two SECONDS, not minutes. The entire meal took about three and a half hours. Thank you to Moms Panelist Amanda Allen and her husband Scott for sparking the idea to do this.

  4. EEFoster says

    It was a GoPro Hero. Very tiny with a fixed wide-angle lens. It is normally meant to capture outdoor sports – things with more light. Not as successful in the low-light situation at V& A’s, but I thought it was fun to play around with.

  5. Avidchick says

    Amazing! We are going to be eating at the Chef’s Table in the V & A in 2 weeks… Now I have a fun way to capture the meal! What a great idea!

  6. EEFoster says

    Avidchick – I ate at V&A’s Chef’s Table about a year ago. (Review at ) I think this technique would be great at the Chef’s Table because of the much brighter lighting there – the chefs need to be able to see what they’re doing.

    Tips on processing: With a shot every two seconds, I ended up with almost exactly 2,000 photos. I input these into iMovie. I set each still to run for 0.1 seconds, which was the shortest option available. A big tip from Amanda and Scott Allen was to make sure you turn off the Ken Burns effect in iMovie and set the stills to fit into the frame.

    Have a wonderful time at dinner. It’s a truly spectacular experience.

  7. Avidchick says

    EEFoster- thanks for the tip. I am actually a video editor by trade, so fortunately I do stuff like this all the time in Avid and Final Cut… Oddly tho, I never thought about doing it for our dinner, so thank you for posting this! I was (and still am) tempted to take one of my HD DVC cameras and record the whole thing… I just wonder if they will think I am crazy if I show up with it ;)

  8. Erin says

    Avidchick – I’m jealous of your video knowledge. I am clearly just an amateur experimenting. I think the staff may have thought I was crazy at first. Israel, the maitre d’, and both our servers asked about the camera. I just told them what it was and that was it. Once I told them what I was doing, no one had any problems.

    Enjoy your meal.

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