Dining in Disneyland: Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port

Another great review from our awesome Dining in Disneyland columnist, Heather Sievers!

Located to left of Space Mountain’s entrance inside Tomorrowland, Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port is a cute space age diner that’s great for families. A self serve line assures you that you get your food in a timely manner and there is seating aplenty. There is a giant indoor dining room as well as a covered outdoor dining area with booths and tables that can accommodate small or very large parties.

Indoor Seating Area

We prefer the outdoor area for the oversized booths and the view of the Space Mountain Entrance; great people watching! It’s also generally less crowded and you get some fresh air. There is also a smaller third area with umbrella covered tables at the entrance of the restaurant. Lots and lots of seating options.

Space Mountain Pavilion Seating

Now, I know Disneyland’s reputation for pizza is really not that great, but honestly this joint isn’t so bad, at least to my kids’ palates… Thankfully though, Redd Rockett’s not only offers pizza, but also pasta and salads.

Click for larger image

Before children, my husband and I used to frequent Redd Rockett’s quite often for their pasta. I particularly enjoy the Count Down Chicken Fusilli which is a creamy alfredo type sauce with pasta and large chunks of white meat chicken.

Count-Down Chicken Fusilli

My husband was loyal to the Terra Nova Tomato Basil Pasta, which was also quite tasty. Although the dishes are “fast food,” neither taste like they have been sitting around. We skipped out on Redd Rockett’s the past several years, as our kids were picky eaters and we prefer to dine where the menu has more options. More options, less whining. Anyhow, now that both kids like pizza (yes, ridiculous it took this long) we gave it another whirl.

My oldest went with the Lunar Cheese Pizza slice, which I do have to say was a bit oily (dabbed that sucker with a napkin and it was good to go). He did eat the whole thing, and the slice is generously sized. I tried a bite; it was OK, nothing spectacular, but really it was edible.

redd rocketts cheese pizza

My little one went with a kid’s pasta meal, minus the sauce. Boring, but it made him happy. Technically it was the kid’s Space-ghetti Meal, but he wanted the “twisty” noodles, and the cast members at the food service area had no problem substituting. This meal came with a bag of carrots and sliced apples as well as a drink.

redd rocketts kids meal

My husband and I both branched off from our “usual” meals here. He went with the Mars-inara Pasta with meatballs and a slice of Mega Pepperoni Pizza. He enjoyed the meal, but there was definitely a pepperoni shortage on the pizza slice.

Pepperoni Pizza

I however was very pleasantly surprised with my meal choice. Knowing that I really love the Chicken Fusilli, I still had to stray. I was not feeling like something so rich and filling, so I went with the Asian Chicken Salad. I had never ordered a salad here, but while perusing the food line all of the salads looked really tasty. There were 4 salad options: Asian Chicken Salad, Celestial Chicken Caesar Chicken Salad, Planetary Pizza Salad, and the Starfield of Greens, which was basically a garden salad. My salad was really, really great! The lettuce was fresh and crispy as were the wonton strips. The dressing was sweet, but not overpowering and the chicken and mandarin oranges were generously portioned.

Asian Chicken Salad

What a great surprise to find a place with yummy salads! I am looking forward to going back to try out some of the others.

Now, for the perfect end to a Redd Rockett’s meal: a star shaped super thick and perfectly gooey rice crispy treat. YUM!

Rice Krispy Treat


  1. says

    Love Redd Rockett’s! It’s a fun place to dine with the kids and the food is good…which is much better than eating somewhere where the food is barely palatable. And though there isn’t a huge menu, there are some nice options, and I like that.

    I definitely agree; the salads are awesome! Such a nice change from the typical, more-budget-friendly, burgers, hot dogs (or corn dogs!), pizza, and fries.

    Great post!

  2. says

    i love how all of the items have really great, clever names (Starfield of Greens is my favorite) except for “Asian Chicken Salad” – yikes, couldn’t they have at least gone with “Out of this World Asian Chicken Salad”?

  3. carolyn says

    Ahhh… memories. Funny – my biggest memories are of the salads! They do have pretty good salads there. :)

  4. says

    My kids like the pizza here, too. It’s not fantabulous by any means, but is cheesy and hot. They did have a yummy Chicken Bruschetta pizza that I ended up getting for our Thanksgiving dinner while we were there that night. (We also shared the Asian chicken salad. Fresh and delish, but weirdest Thanksgiving meal ever!) Breadsticks were better before they recently changed. I like that there are soda/drink refills here.

    Also love the old Tomorrowland attraction posters that are on the walls in the dining area. They are pretty neat.

  5. says

    Miss Redd Rockett’s! Remember going when they first opened and it was always packed! Love the Chicken Fusilli! YUM!!! This is definitely on my short list when I’m back home visiting the folks in a couple weeks!

  6. Sarah says

    The cheese slice looks almost like Papa John’s. Still looks better than Pizza Planet’s pizza here in WDW though!

  7. says

    I agree with Daniel on the names. They really did a great job until they got to the Asian Chicken Salad and Breadsticks as it doesn’t fit the rest of the menu ideal.

    Great review Heather!

    I think all of the food items look great, except for the pizza. It sort of looks as though it is plastic or something. It just seems a bit off…

  8. says

    Thanks for the review! We almost ate at Redd Rockett’s on our trip to DLR in September, but I was feeling more burger-ey that pizza-ey that day, so we strolled down the way to the burger place near Jedi Training Academy.

    One thing we noticed about DLR was that the produce was really fresh everywhere we ate in the parks (including counter service items like the pre-packaged salad at Bountiful Valley Farmer’s Market and on my burger at the above-mentioned burger place).

  9. Jeanine says

    Actually, although I could be mistaken, they used to have all the futuristically-named salads and a “salad of the day”…which was always the asian chicken salad. Maybe they finally made it permanent, without having dreamed up an appropriate moniker for it.

  10. Lillian C. says

    Oh, I love this place when we’re in the mood for a good salad at Disneyland. Although, the salads at Pacific Pier at DCA are really good too. The fruit parfait is tasty as well. I’m not sure I really like the pizza here.

  11. Alan says

    Another nice review from Heather. Although I’m repeating myself, I have to say as a WDW veteran, who thought I have seen all that Disney has to offer; I realize I am missing a lot until I get out to Anaheim. Maybe it is just a different wrapper on the same package, but just from the DFB point of view, it looks very attractive and to be a new experience.

  12. Heather says

    @Alan, you’d be quite surprised! I’ve only been to Disneyworld 3 times, but at Disneyland and Ca Adv, I’ve lost count, it’s in the several hundreds. There are SO many differences in the food. From what I’ve experienced, anyhow. Both are amazing experiences, but very different.

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