Guest Review: Epcot’s Electric Umbrella

Roving reporter Sarah Holodick is back with her review of Epcot’s Electric Umbrella!

While waiting for a culinary demonstration during the Food & Wine Festival, I started to get a little hungry. Yes, I was fully aware of the numerous kiosks stationed all around World Showcase. The truth is, I needed something more substantial to eat. A sample portion was just not going to cut it.

Restaurant Exterior

First Floor Seating

First Floor Seating and Umbrellas

Upstairs Seating

Future World isn’t exactly known for its restaurants, and Electric Umbrella probably wouldn’t be in many people’s “Top 5 Restaurants in WDW.” The only reason I bothered to stop in was because it was there and convenient (and I hadn’t eaten there in over 15 years). I needed to get over to Wonders of Life, and I didn’t feel like trekking over to The Land. I figured I could at least grab chicken nuggets and fries, because I know better than to order a burger. The menu was your standard burgers, chicken nuggets, salads, meatball sub… Wait, meatball sub, eh? I bit.

Electric Umbrella Menu

Meatball Sub with Fries

Of course, the meatball sub came with the traditional side of fries. Soda here is self-serve (including apple juice). There is no fixins bar, but there are condiment dispensers, including ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, honey mustard, and barbecue sauce.

Condiment Station

Drink Stations

Now onto the sub! It was, well, good. Not the best meatball sub I’ve ever had, but certainly not the worst. The bread was slightly chewy, there was plenty of provolone, the meatballs were moist, and the sauce was decent.

Meatball Sub Close Up

The fries were fresh and crispy, although they didn’t exactly pair as well with the sub as they would a burger. Not a bad deal coming in at a little over $8. While I wouldn’t go out of my way for the sub, it’s a welcomed option from the counter service doldrums of burgers and nuggets.


  1. says

    Great review on the meatball sub, Sarah!

    The sub doesn’t look too bad, as the bun look fresh along with the meatballs being quite well-made. The one thing that they could change for the side would be some chips or fruit slices instead as with a sub you usually need something with a crunch and not so salty like fries.

    Also, the interior reminds me slightly of Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland for some reason.

    That’s quite the condiment bar as well. Good thing it’s well labeled. (I have a bad history with one…)

  2. Jenn E says

    We happened in here on our last trip. Our 3 year old has a peanut allergy (and at the time an allergy to eggs as well)…the manager here was so nice and accommodating, making sure our son’s specially made chicken nuggets came out just the way he wanted…It was great!
    In fact, when it comes to food allergies

  3. Dana says

    I have to say- Disney does a decent meatball sub— I ordered one over the summer at Pinnochio’s Village Haus and it was very filling (and didn’t leave me with that greasy “eeehhhh” feeling that Disney pizzas do…lol). I didn’t mind the fries- and I’m sure they’d substitute something else if you asked.

  4. Liz says

    My warning about this place is do not order a veggie burger! I waited about twenty minutes while getting pushed around by the people behind me. The burger was alright, but I would never wait in those tiny lines for a special order again.

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