Tables in Wonderland Accepted at Several Quick-Service Spots and Lounges

This update in from DFB columnist Erin Foster, who’s walking the World right now!

Disney World’s Tables in Wonderland discount program (formerly the Disney Dining Experience program) is available to Florida Residents and Annual Passholders for a fee, and offers a 20% discount on food and beverage at select locations.

Tables in Wonderland Membership Card

You can now get your Tables in Wonderland discount at the following quick service locations and lounges. There is no gratuity charged at the quick service restaurants, so the 20% off is pure savings.:

All All Star Resort Food Courts
Pop Century’s Everything Pop Food Court
Pizzafari, Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Restaurantosaurus, Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Flame Tree Barbecue, Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Sand Trap Bar at Osprey Ridge
ESPN Cafe at ESPN Wide World of Sports
Victoria Falls Lounge, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort,
Belle Vue Lounge, Disney’s Boardwalk Inn
Martha’s Vineyars, Disney’s Beach Club Resort
Crockett’s Tavern, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground
Mizner’s Lounge, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort
Tambu Lounge, Disney’s Polynesian Resort
Scat Cat’s Club, Disney’s Port Orleans Resort, French Quarter
Turf Club Lounge, Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort
Territory Lounge, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort
Ale and Compass Lounge, Disney’s Yacht Club Resort
Crew’s Cup Lounge, Disney’s Yacht Club Resort


  1. Nicole says

    If you tip your server, then that 20% is pure savings anyway, isn’t it? I mean, I usually tip 20% for good service, so *usually* that 18% tip that’s added on is saving me a few cents beyond the 20% off of food and beverages…

  2. Vicki says

    Good info, but that’s been the case as long as we’ve had a TiW card – mid 2008. Unless there are some additions to the list, but they look the same to me at a glance.

  3. says

    Nicole — Yep!

    Vicki — Definitely been the case for a while, but it’s not very well advertised. We’re just getting the word out :-)

  4. Teacherpam says

    actually you save more than just your tip, because they add your tip after they take off 20%. For example say your bill is $100, they take off 20%, so now its an $80.00 bill THEN they add the 18% tip on that, which is $14.00 so your bill comes out to be $94

    It ends up being an even bigger savings if you think about it in those terms.

    I have gotten my money’s worth since I got mine in Sept. We live in Tampa so we’re over in Disney frequently for the day so it works out nicely. So far my favorite uses have been at the Plaza resteraunt in MK and the food courts at the all stars. We stay at the all stars a lot because if we do plan on staying for the night or the weekend we aren’t looking for anything to fancy just a place to sleep and a bite before we head out again.

  5. gloria says

    I Did NOT know that that card was good at quick service animal kingdom! Wow ,I thought it was good at alot of restaraunts but did not know quick service at all. I have the annual premium pass so I use that for the few lunch deals at some of Epcot during the weekday and most of the downtown disney food and shops will give some sort of discount .

    Above that, I had no idea Tables in wonderland offered a discount at any quick service.
    Your post may be a incentive for me to buy it now,because it is more valuable to me as a local I go to quick service all year long.Your posts are very informative and useful.I really happy to know that.I thought it was mostly table service or resorts, you totally cleared that up.

  6. quietgirll says


    They take the discount BEFORE adding the tip?? That doesn’t make sense, and doesn’t seem at all fair to the server….for instance, in your example, they are only receiving a 14% tip. Hardly seems fair to me….

  7. teacherpam says

    Yup thats how it works….I know that for a fact, that’s the way it comes up on my bill every time. You can always choose to leave a larger tip.

  8. Heather says

    Just a note–the break even point on a TiW card is now $375 for AP holders! If you are going to spend more than that on dining in WDW its a great deal!

  9. Heather says

    Teacherpam-I was always taught to give a tip on the non discounted price, so even if I have a coupon for 75% off (haha, I wish!), the server is getting a tip on the full reciept. It’s not his/her fault that I had a discount.

  10. Teacherpam says

    I usually add more if the server does a great job otherwise I just leave what the default is for below average service

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