Review: The Pink, Blue, and White Cupcakes

OK — you guys remember when I wondered “aloud” about the “Pink, Blue, and White cupcakes” in Disney Parks, right? I see them all the time — everywhere — but I’ve never tried them. Why? Because they look like they’re made out of plastic and can’t possibly taste good. But I promised I’d try them, so here’s the review…

As it happens, Disney was switching it up on my visit to the Studios in October! They had a swirly cupcake! I knew it was of the same ilk as the Pink, Blue, and White cupcakes, so I figured you guys would forgive me if I got that one instead. This way, I could have both blue AND red lips!

At first glance, the cupcake looks amazing, right? Huge swirls of frosting (and you know how much I LOVE frosting — cake is definitely an afterthought around here!) and pretty, eye-catching colors. But I have to say it — it still looks a little bit like a fake cupcake. Like plastic. Doesn’t it?

So we make the first cut and it’s clear that there’s no skimping on the frosting! Nothing hollow around here!

Disney Cupcake Cross Section

Then comes the taste-test! I agree with many of the comments on the previous post that the frosting is very sugary and airy — not dense like you’d find on the butterfinger cupcake. But it’s definitely not a whipped or whipped cream frosting — there’s still plenty of sugar and fat in there! And while it doesn’t taste like plastic, there’s not a whole lot of flavor there. The richness of a creamy, buttery frosting doesn’t come through, and there’s very little if any vanilla flavor. It’s more just a vehicle for sweetness.

Disney Cupcake Cross Section

That said, if you have to have frosting and you have to have it NOW, this might be a great purchase for you. There’s nothing like digging your fork into a pile of frosting, and this will definitely calm the beast if you’re having that kind of a day. Besides, these cupcakes are so gorgeous — their siren song will surely call to any cupcake-lovers out there. So go ahead. Give in. Live with the blue-tinged lips and teeth for a few hours (yep — you WILL have them) and indulge a bit.

That said, if they have Butterfinger cupcakes, Marble cupcakes, or Red Velvet Cheesecake cupcakes in the case — get those instead!


  1. says

    AJ, I’m thinking that this post would have been complete with a picture of you with your blue-tinged teeth and lips, LOL!

    I’m aiming for the red velvet on my next trip.

  2. Galloping Gourmand says

    Yeah, its not very good. Beyond the frosting the cake was bland and dry. There are so many great options at WDW, it’s just not worth the empty calories.

    When I see this I think, “why bother with the cake? Just sell frosting in a gogurt tube.”

  3. Jennifer says

    I’ve been a million times and somehow I’ve never noticed this. But looks like it’s aimed more toward kids than adults. I’m with Galloping Gourmand. Gonna spend my calories on something better. My new fave is the Banana Bread Pudding I found at the Main Street Bakery during marathon weekend. O.M.G. sooooo delish! And it didn’t turn my lips purple!

  4. says

    Janna — No way! ;-)

    GG — You and I are going to get along just fine…

    Kelly — VERY good point!

    Jennifer — Sounds awesome! Does it have a sauce?

    Stephanie — Better to have too much than too little! ;-)

  5. Jennifer says

    I regret not taking a pic! No sauce. It looked kinda like a flatish-top banana bread muffin baked in a bowl, just about the size of the famous cinnamon buns that were sitting beside it. Inside it was piping hot and ooey-gooey…nothing like warm gooey bread!!! And it didn’t just have mashed up banana, but actual chunks of banana…but not too big chunks. It was perfect for a nice cool, breezy Florida day. I paired it with the perfect Nestle hot chocolate!

  6. says

    Well, you know that I love frosting, but if it doesn’t taste like anything other than sugar, I’m going to be disappointed. I wish they could do a little better than big hunks of sugar. Not at sugar is bad, don’t get me wrong, but there’s so much potential there.

  7. says

    Now I know not to *waist* (ha0ha – get it? It’s a weight joke! I crack myself up :p) my cupcake credits on this and head straight for the Butterfinger or Red Velvet Cheesecake cupcakes!

    Thanks AJ! I would have been drawn in by the swirls…..

  8. says

    Jennifer — sounds great! I’m a sauce-monger, so wish there was some sauce along with it. Maybe I can convince them to put some cream cheese frosting from the cinnamon rolls with it!

    Chris — Yep — agreed 100%.

    Jeff C — I was TOTALLY drawn in by the swirls, Jeff! And, like I said, all cupcake masters should at least try it once… just in case…

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