Build Your Own Pizza Added to Disney World’s Via Napoli Menu

Well, it’s finally happened. After all of our complaining, we at-long-last have the option to add/subtract toppings from our pizzas at Via Napoli in Walt Disney World’s Epcot! (Can you believe you couldn’t add toppings of your choosing before?!)

Via Napoli New Menu Close-Up -- click for larger image

You can see the change in the menu above. The Margherita pizza has been moved off of the list of standard pizzas and given its own standing on the left side of the menu. It retains the 16/28/39 cost structure, but extra toppings are $2 each.

The other pizzas have been moved to the right hand side of the menu with increased pricing — 18/30/41.

Prices have also gone up throughout the menu, e.g. the house salad is $5/person vs. $4/person. AND, this just in from @cherylp3, the eggplant dish was removed from the appetizers.

Have you sampled the new “add your own toppings” pizzas at Via Napoli? Let us know in the comments section below!

Thanks to Andy at Eating (and Drinking) Around the World for the news!


  1. colleen says

    Does anybody know how the Disney Dining Plan works at this place? I’m wondering if we can get 1 pizza for 1 table service credit and share?

  2. says

    I’m surprised to see more price increases at Via Napoli – the one consistent comment I have heard was that it was already over-priced for pizza.. I wonder if this will be more of a place for Dining Plan instead of walk ups (like me!)

  3. says

    Colleen — It’s one table service credit per person — even if you’re sharing pizza. :-)

    Jenn — No kidding!!

  4. Lisa says

    I ate here last Thursday. We got the build your own with mushrooms and it was delicious! However, I still think it’s overpriced, even for Disney. Our caprese salad was lacking (mushy tomatoes). On the plus side, the waiters are adorable, slow paced, but adorable!

  5. Stacy Z says

    Via Napoli is way too expensive for the food & portion size. The food was good, but $70 was too expensive for 2 small pizzas, 1 small spaghetti, 1 soup, and 3 cokes.

  6. Alan says

    I was so excited by the idea of a second restaurant in Italy. It is beautiful and from the reviews, has great tasting food and especially pizzas. But those prices are just too high. Disney prices tend to be a bit high but these seem out of scale. Pizza ingredients are not that expensive to justify those prices. I’d just as soon go into Tutto Italia and spend a few extra dollars for a really good meal.

    After all the positive posts and reviews lately, this is a bit disappointing.

  7. says

    It’s great to see that they (Finally!) added the option of build-your-own pizza.

    Price increase at Via Napoli really does seem to be constant though.

  8. carolyn says

    What would everyone favorite be now that you can choose your own toppings? I still think I’ll stick with the Margherita. Bummed about the price increases though. I’m definitely going to plan on splitting the pizza – better to be less hungry as there’s more to snack on in the park, right? :-)

  9. Galloping Gourmand says

    I could scream. Instead I will rant. This is a great idea for those of you willing to pay for it. But 18 dollars for a personal pizza is way, way too much. I always said I would pay well for good food, but I think they’ve found my breaking point. Wolfgang Puck has the most famous pizza on the planet, and he’s 5 bucks less for a larger pie.

    Listen, Disney. Being from NYC/New England I’ve never felt your prices are that high. It’s expensive to eat here. With this, you’ve officially out-priced many of the premier NYC establishments by world renowned chefs I’m begging you to get some perspective. I can eat for the same price at Tom Colicchio’s Craft. In fact here you go – roasted quail and braised squash $23. (AJ, if you’re ever in NYC my treat). It’s the same price as personal signature pizza and house salad. Or hey, we could go crazy and spend a dollar more at Susur Lee’s Shang NYC. Roasted Scottish Salmon Avocado, Wasabi Mashed Potatoes, and Yuzu-Tarragon Hollandaise (truly yummy). Anyway, you get my point. Get real, WDW. Get real.

  10. BookishBelle says

    I went to Via Napoli last week, but I was less than impressed. The service seemed chaotic and was slooooow during a non-peak time. The pizza was good (not great), but the prices were high.

    A lot of food, though. I would have split the pizza if my husband hadn’t been on the golf course (I was dining solo). I brought it back to the DVC villa, though and had it for lunch the next day.

    I’m not dissing the place hard, but I do think there’s better food in Epcot.

  11. Pudge the Fish says

    I must say that I love Via Napoli and I like the new selection of toppings. I fear to ask this question out of concern that Disney will notice their “error.” How can it be that the price for a topping is the same for a personal pizza and the mezzo metro. At the price that they are charging of the basic pizza I know they are not losing money but if I’m ordering a personal size pie and paying the same for my topping as someone ordering the half mezzo I will feel a bit cheated.

  12. Marisa says

    So the pizzas are expensive? Well, it’s Disney, what do you expect? And the pizzas are very tasty, but, if you are cost conscious, then you may find the pasta options to be a better bang for your buck. Overall, I completely loved my experience at Via Napoli.

  13. SharonC says

    Dined at Via Napoli last October. The food is really good, we had a great time, and will go back again. BUT (agree with Lisa above) the main reason we had such a great time was the staff! All the adorable young guys flirted and laughed with our table of 40-something women. Loved the open air atmosphere, seeing the pizza ovens and the chefs, and the music – it was just so much fun. Pizza, pasta, wine, men, and music – what’s not to love?

  14. James (Disneynorth) says

    @Colleen, for the Dining Plan (at least in October), you could only order a personal size pizza.

    I’m actually surprised they now offer build your own. I would have thought that if they were trying to bill themselves as “finer” dining, they would stick to standard offerings to showcase certain flavors.

  15. Phyllis says

    How does the “build your own” work with the dining plan? Is there a limit on how many toppings you can add for an entree?

  16. Rae says

    Are they still offering a walk-up window? If so, does it have pizza by the slice, and what are the prices? The sit-down prices are way out of our range. Thanks.

  17. kirsten says

    To be honest the prices are in line with the type of pizza being served. We go to a wood oven pizza place in Chicago and the individual pizzas start at 16 dollars. Looking forward to our visit in May!

  18. jackie says

    We had my sons 24th Birthday dinner and had the 1/2 meter pizza. It was the best pizza we ever ate!! there were 4 of us and we ate every bite, and did not feel overstuffed, it was great. The prices for what you get are excellent. We will eat there again.

  19. Lauren says

    I just found out the build your own pizza is not covered under the dining plan, only the signature pizzas and the Margherita pizza. :(

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