Disney Dream Dining: A Taste of Remy

I was one of the lucky few on the Disney Dream Christening Cruise to have the opportunity to attend a tasting at Remy, the brand new adults-only restaurant on the ship — and boy was I excited!!! This restaurant is even more gorgeous than it was in the concept art!

To add a bit of Disney magic, the restaurant was inspired by the animated film Ratatouille (you’ll find numerous nods to the characters and food in the film throughout the restaurant and its menu), and the menu has been developed by superstar chefs from both sides of the pond. Chef Scott Hunnel from Walt Disney World’s Victoria & Albert’s collaborated with Chef Arnaud Lallement from L’Assiette Champenoise, a Michelin two-star restaurant located just outside Reims, France, to create a five-star menu, which Chef Patrick Albert, the on-site Executive Chef at Remy, will deliver to guests every evening.

Remy Main Dining Room

Remy Story -- click for larger image


Decorated in an Art Nouveau style with a palette of greens, yellows, and rich red accents, Remy’s dining room is lush. Dark woods and plush carpeting are the background for gold accents and strong velvets — and the bright white linens reflecting that gorgeous Caribbean sea offer a clean contrast to the luxurious setting.

Entryway Chandelier

Raised Seating Area

Table Setting

Tattinger Champagne Cocktail Glasses

But that’s just the beginning. Look around the private dining room (home of Remy’s chef’s table) too find gorgeous murals depicting a Paris cityscape and a lived-in kitchen that will remind you a lot of Ratatouille!

Entryway into Chef's Table Private Room

Chef's Table Room View From Windows

Chef's Table Room View Toward Windows

Paris City-scape Murals

A very familiar kitchen...

Guests who sit in the wine room at the front of the property will be surrounded by walls of the finest wines and beautiful marble floors.

Wine Room Seating

Wine Room Cave

And don’t forget to peek around for hidden characters! Remy makes several appearances…

Character Detail

Character Detail in Wine Room

Character Detail

Remy Carving on Chair


Remy is a completely new concept for Disney restaurants menu-wise. Chef Hunnel and Chef Lallement — two superstar artists from the US and France respectively — have joined forces to create one menu that reflects them both. But don’t worry…they didn’t mix the magic that much. The two chefs have created two different tasting menus — one each — called Saveur (meaning “flavor,” created by Lallement) and Goût (meaning “taste,” created by Hunnel).

Tasting Menus -- click for larger image

Chefs Arnaud Lallement, Patrick Albert, and Scott Hunnel

If you decide to go a la carte, you can choose from the assortment of dishes on the second half of the menu, which are all categorized by chef. The menu will change seasonally, and both chefs will make appearances on the ship throughout the year to monitor and refresh the menu. Guests will pay $75 each for the pleasure of dining at Remy; $99 with wine pairing.

Below are the three columns of the a la carte menu. Click the images for larger versions.

At the tasting I attended, we sampled Chef Lallement’s Langoustine Royale with Cesar Sauce and Chef Hunnel’s Smoked Bison, with fennel salad and blood oranges (click here for Smoked Bison recipe).

First, I tasted Chef Lallement’s shrimp. You guys know I’m generally not a huge seafood fan, but Oh My! I ate this whole thing and desperately wanted more. The savory, buttery shrimp tasted incredible, and the sauce was the perfect addition. It was a seamless flavor between the two. Just gorgeous. (Notice the little Remy on the plate?)

Langoustine Royale

Next up: Chef Hunnel’s Smoked Bison — truly savory and delicious. The story here is all of the different flavors. The addition of blood orange gave the dish a tart twist, and leeks and fennel brought their own strong flavors to the mix. Adding blood orange vinaigrette pulled it all together.

Smoked Bison

We were also served the signature drink from Remy, Tattinger Champagne with pear vodka. What I learned: when vodka is mixed with champagne, the champagne loses its bubbles! The sugar being released from a piece of candied apricot re-created the effervescence! Taste? Incredible.

Champagne Cocktail

For guests who choose to pay a bit extra for wine at their meal can stop by Remy prior to their dinner to choose from over 130 wines with the Sommelier.

Remy Wines

And if you’re interested in celebrating something very special at Remy, ask to see the Remy Vault wine list — the very best of the best, the Vault includes only 25 wines, including wines mentioned in Ratatouille. Some of these will easily set you back thousands of dollars per bottle.

Remy's Vault

The following are the Vault wines (apologies for the blurry photos). Click for larger images.

Sincere thanks to the Remy Chefs Lallement, Hunnel, and Albert; to Ozer Balli, vice president, Disney Cruise Line Hotel Operations; and to Remy’s manager and staff who welcomed us so generously.

A Little Extra

When guests leave Remy, women will either receive a red rose (to signify romance, if the woman is part of a couple) or a pink rose (to signify beauty). Guests will also find a treat when they return to their staterooms on the ship — a box of chocolates courtesy Remy!

Details, details…

After our tasting, guests were able to ask a few questions to hear the chefs’ point of view on the new restaurant. All of the videos I took will be uploaded on our YouTube page, so feel free to head over and learn more.


Finally, here are a few more food photos from Remy, courtesy the wonderful Disney photographers…

Just a reminder — I was invited by Disney on this Christening Cruise, and my expenses were paid by the company. I am under no obligation to review or discuss the event, and all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Jessica Anne says

    This all looks so yummy!!!

    Cruising question. I’m going on my first cruise next summer – on the Fantasy!- and would love clarification on meals. In general meals are included. Are you presented with a bill at the end of each meal> do you tip at each meal? And if you don’t tip at each meal, do you tip if you go to Palo or Remy because there is an extra charge? Thanks AJ!

  2. Sarah says

    I can’t wait to dine there. Pictures don’t do the restaurant justice. I’d love to visit the Chef’s table. I know Matt would too!

  3. says

    I just discovered your blog and am so thrilled I did! I’m going to be dining at Remy on 2/17 and couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity!

    Just to clarify… dinner + wine pairings is $99/person total. Not $75/person for dinner + $99/person for wine? If that’s the case I’m thrilled! I had a bit of sticker shock when I saw wine pairings were $99/person when the menu was released.

  4. says

    This all looks so wonderful! My heart leapt with joy at the thought of being able to go to the restaurant before dinner to pick out the wines with the sommelier. Methinks we need to make plans to sail on the Dream very soon!

  5. says

    Wow, Remy really does look AMAZING! Thank you for all the picture AJ, as it really shows all the work that went into creating it.

    The one thing that I really think they could add would be Ratatouille, as a nod to the movie. ;)

    @Jessica – That is correct, it is $99 per a person for Dinner and Wine pairing, unless you choose one of the more expensive wines. I’d really suggest looking around as AJ has some other wonderful previews of Disney Dream restaurants! :)

  6. Vee says

    Actually, the official Disney Parks Blog about Remy says that to add the wine pairing there is a $99 charge ON TOP of the $75 cost for dinner (so $174 total/pp):

    “An additional charge of $75 per person is required to dine at Remy, in addition to the cost of wine and alcoholic beverages. Wine pairings for the two tasting menus selected from the French list are an additional $99.”


  7. says

    Thanks for the clarification, guys. You figure if there are several courses with a glass of wine in each course, $99 isn’t THAT expensive and upcharge… right…? ;)

  8. Mary Jo Collins says

    The food and ambiance looks amazing. I wonder if you and another person were eating, if just one person could get the wine pairing and then share it. I wouldn’t be able to drink it all by myself.

  9. James (Disneynorth) says

    That premium wine list is pretty awesome. But I have to wonder if they are actually going to sell any of the Chateau La Tour at that price. They may be sitting on those wines for a while…..

  10. Dana (aka DragynAlly) says

    I cannot wait to try this. Since this was a press event I guess asking what you wore would be futile… I’m glad the food is good. I think I am going to invest in the wine with the meal. If you’re gonna go anyway might as well go big! ;-)

  11. says

    Jessica Anne — You’re presented with a bill if you’ve ordered any alcoholic beverages. You will have the chance to tip your head server and assistant servers at the end of the cruise, so no need to tip every night. Also, at Remy and Palo, I do suggest you tip at the end of the meal.

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