Delicious Disney Just for Kids Cookbook Now Available

Great news for those of you who have kiddos clamoring to try their favorite Disney dishes in their very own kitchen!

On the heels of Chef Mickey Treasures From the Vault and in addition to the other wonderful Disney cookbooks, Pam Brandon and the Disney Chefs have released another new set of recipes that’s been in the pipeline for the past year! Delicious Disney Just for Kids inspires even the littlest chefs to innovate and create like a Disney imagineer!

The book includes recipes from Disneyland, Disney World, and the Disney Cruise Line — including some of your favorites like Jiko‘s Mac and Cheese and Sci-Fi Dine-In‘s BLT Tomato Soup! Expect lots of great graphics and pics, too!

At the moment, the book is available in Disney theme park gift shops, but there are a few online outlets selling it as well.

Photo Credit: Loren Javier via flickr creative commons


  1. Shayne says

    Cool! I didn’t notice this in any of the gift shops at Disney World, but I’ll definitely be ordering this online. My boys like to cook, so this would be a fun way to bring the magic home!

  2. says

    Oh awesome! I can’t wait to get this for my niece! Cooking and disney combine my two favorite things!!! She has yet to make a trip down, but at least this way she will get a “taste” of Disney.

  3. says

    I don’t have kids, but I do love Delicious Disney!!! This sounds like a great book for us slightly haphazard cooks that love a simpler recipe hahaha!

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