Stuff That’s Rad: Disney Gummy Kabobs

Another thing that’s rad from Dining in Disneyland columnist Heather Sievers!!

Just recently I was at The Candy Palace on Main Street in Disneyland when these adorable gummy kabobs caught my eye.  My boys were not with me, so as a little surprise treat, I picked up 2 of the Fab 5 Disney character ones that include Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald & Goofy in that order from top to bottom.

Fab 5 Gummy Kabobs at The Candy Palace

Each character is its own piece, so there are actually 5 pieces skewered on the stick.  On our next visit, I found the Pixar gummy kabobs at Marceline’s in Downtown Disney.  Its characters include Woody, Buzz, Mike Wizoski, Dori & Nemo in that order from top to bottom.  Looking closely at these you will notice the extreme details put into making these.  I’ve never seen a gummy done so intricately.

Fab 5 Gummy Kabob Details

Fab 5 Gummy Kabob Back Side Details

Pixar Gummy Kabob

Although I did not try the gummies myself, my taste testers concluded that the Fab Five one had much better flavor than the Pixar one.  Apparently it was more fruity tasting.

Taste Tester #1 Devoured His

Taste Tester #2 Took More Time to Savor the Flavor

At $2.95 a pop, I think these are a fun little treat to purchase.  They’d also make a great souvenir gift.  I will warn you though, they are so cute that you might have a hard time eating them.  In that case, buy two.  One to eat, one to adore…

Have you tried ‘em? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Carolyn says

    Your kids are adoreable and are great taste testers! I love love love the disney gummy Mickey heads ( wonder if they still make those?). Thanks fir the report!

  2. Michelle P. says

    We got these for Christmas in our stockings – and yes, the Fab 5 ones are super yummy! Much better than I expected!

  3. Bill from Philly says

    I haven’t tried them but it looks like they’re a hit. I’ll be bring a few of these home on my next visit. I may just add a few to my Christmas tree finial displays and center pieces.

  4. Griffin says

    I’ve seen gummy pops before. Something about them freak me out a little. Don’t they also have ones that have sugar on them? I don’t know. I’ll try anything but probably not these :P

  5. Heather Sievers says

    @Carolyn – Thanks!

    @Michelle & Bill – Great ideas to use them during the holidays!

    @Griffin – I think the ones you are talking about are more like a marshmallow, I’ll have to check that out for you!

    @Kelly – The Fab 5 one is made much better than the Pixar one, details are really great!

  6. Disneyland Obsession says

    I’m definitely going to look for these on my next trip, they’re to cool. Maybe I can even turn one into an antenna topper, that would be cool too!

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