Disney Dream Review: Evolution Dance Club

Usually I’m not big into clubbing, but things are a bit different over on the Disney Dream…

I absolutely loved Evolution on Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship. While this probably had a lot to do with the company I was keeping — some of my favorite people were at the club with me — it also had a lot to do with the alternately relaxed and invigorating atmosphere of the club.

Entrance to Evolution

During the day, Evolution serves as a venue for family-friendly seminars and activities; in the evening, it transforms into a dance club — part of the interwoven series of adults-only nightclubs collectively called The District.

The name — Evolution — refers to a butterfly metamorphosis theme that spreads throughout the massive club, from silvery undertones in the furnishings and stage to a stylized butterfly wing pattern covering the walls and ceiling.

Seating and Butterfly Pattern

Illuminated Bar Area

Evolution Bar Panorama

Evolution is the only club where you’ll find dancing, but there’s plenty of space on the illuminated dance floor! Once in a while you’ll even see some Disney Dream entertainment cast members tearing it up on the tiles. The stage is also used for other shows and acts on longer cruises.

Evolution Dance Floor and Stage

On the nights I visited, I stuck with margaritas (of course I did… you know me…). Not the best I’ve ever had, but certainly not the worst. What I can say is that they were strong!

Evolution Frozen Margarita

Also ordered and within photo range was this lovely mojito…


I wonder if I could have ordered a Konk Kooler

Like I said, I really enjoyed this club. Even if you’re a homebody usually (like me), consider taking an evening on your cruise and exploring The District and its clubs. We’ll be covering each one individually, but the best thing about The District is that — taken as a whole — there’s something for everyone.

Evolution is definitely the place to let your hair down and burn off a few of those cruise calories on the dance floor. Fortify and enjoy! (And then let us know your favorite drink so we can get it next time!)

Thanks to Sarah Holodick for the awesome panorama photo!


  1. says

    I didn’t spend any time in Evolution as it’s really not my style, but of course I’m glad it’s there for people that are more into that scene. I only walked through it a couple times while it was hopping just to see what it was like. Depending on who I cruise with, perhaps I’d be more apt to spend time there. My favorite stops were 687 and Skyline. :)

  2. Alan says

    I’m not a cruise guy and not a club guy either but all of AJ’s pictures of this ship are so inviting that it gives me pause to think. This is one beautiful big boat.

  3. Jamie in Jax says

    You need to go on the Dream, Alan! At least just once… you will be hooked. We just got back from a 3 night on the Dream and it was amazing! Order the FREE Disney Cruise DVD and see for yourself. If nothing else, Castaway Cay is more than enough reason to go! :)

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