What’s Your “Every-Trip” Food?

Have you realized that you have an “every-trip” food? Something you eat every time you’re in your favorite Disney park or resort?

I figured my “every-trip” food would be something very “Disney-esque,” like an ice cream cookie sandwich or a Mickey rice krispie treat. But, it’s not. I realized that the thing I eat on every single trip, without fail, is candy, made by Nestle, and imported to Florida from the UK. Sad, but true.

It’s no secret that I’m addicted to Rowntree’s Fruit Gums and Fruit Pastilles. I have been since I first found them in a Tesco in London a million years ago; I used to keep rolls of them in my tiny dorm-room refrigerator and eat ‘em while I was studying. :)

They’re ten times better than any Ju Ju Be or Dot ever could be, and they have a serious history. You can even buy this cool print on the interwebs these days! From the 1950s!

Rowntree's, Fruit Gums Sweets, UK, 1950 Giclee Print at Art.com

Speaking of taste, it’s tangy and prickly. Nothing as pedestrian as a Ju Ju Be. The texture could easily pull out every filling you have. And, sadly, I haven’t found a store in my town that sells them. :(

But as I was walking through the Epcot UK pavilion one day — years ago — I saw that little yellow box and started to get excited. I’m pretty sure the cast member thought I was completely off my rocker!

Rowntree's Fruit Gums

These days, I high tail it to Twining’s Tea Shop in Epcot on every visit. Sometimes it’s the first stop I make! And even though I’ve found them (for a significantly cheaper price) on Amazon.com, I still get a box or two (or six) in Epcot on every trip — it makes me feel like I’m coming home!

Rowntree's Fruit Gums

Those green ones are my favorite. Just as an FYI. In case you’re eating some fruit gums someday and you see me walking by. ;)

So, do you have a similar “pilgrimage” for any of your favorite foods sold in Disney parks or resorts? What’s your “every-trip” food in your favorite Disney park?


  1. Tom Farrell says

    Dole Whip and frozen strawbeery fruit bars. I’m not sure (or really care) how many Weight Watchers points Dole Whip is but the strawberry bars are pretty low.

  2. MichiganDVC says

    1. Dole whip-pineapple
    2. Churro from Mexico
    3. Sweet cream cheese pretzel from Lunching Pad
    4. Cheese and Fruit plate from Rose and Crown
    5. White chocolate Raspberry cookie- Minnie’s Bake shoe

  3. Marilyn says

    granola bars, gummy bears, dole whips, star crunches. And a stop at club cool for some Beverely :)

  4. Cliff says

    We just got back from a week at WDW, and I did manage to get to my favorites twice each. Dole Whip is the big one – this time I tried a float with a pineapple/orange swirl. I think this will be my choice in the future.

    My second favorite is one that doesn’t seem to get mentioned much – the ice cream cookie sandwich from Sleepy Hollow near the entrance to Liberty Square. Warm cookies, creamy vanilla ice cream – I know it seems easily repeatable at home, but there’s something magical about nibbling on one while watching a parade.

  5. carolyn says

    Sadly, a couple of things I usually get from the parks such as Dole Whips or the Mickey ice cream bars/sandwiches – I didn’t. Just too full. :( I did get some popcorn which I do love while at Disney so that was nice. For some reason I love the Goofy gummy Mickey Characters so I did pick up a few of those. Also, in the UK I love Curly Wurly’s. I can sometimes find them at Cost Plus World Market – but they remind me of Marathon Bars.

  6. says

    Mmm… I do love fruit gums! But I can get them in any local petrol station, so….

    Wasabi peas, funnel cake, and Dole Whip have become our essentials.

    Oh, and Cliff – I am right with you. Those ice cream sandwiches are to-die-for! We shared funnel cake and an ice-cream sandwich between four of us and it was plenty.

    Carolyn – Marathon bars were just the same a Snickers! I still remember when they changed the name…

  7. Jen says

    Also sad but true is the fact that I live in NJ near the shore and what stand do I run to in Epcot every time, no fail? The funnel cakes. I can get one down the street from me almost year round, but no, it must taste better in Disney. ;o)

    Also, my other must have is tye-dye cheesecake from Pop Century. Not fabulous, not even all cheesecake as it has a thin layer of regular cake on the bottom, but to me, it’s a must have.

  8. says

    1. A burger from Pecos Bill’s
    2. Butterfingers Cupcake from Starring Rolls Cafe
    3. Watermelon jellybeans from Goofy’s Candy Co.

  9. luvmychaos says

    Since I am a Southern Califnornia girl who grew up in Disneyland(and was just there tonight),I have to say hands down its the chimichangas from the Turkey Leg carts. Everytime,must have,without fail. NUMMY!Not sure if they are at WDW…oh,and cotton candy which I know one can find anywhere but Disney’s just tastes better!I will even drive there just for it!

  10. Mallory says

    I grew up going to The World so mine would be Goofy Candy Co Sour Worms and plain caramel apple… Now I live in SoCal and go to DL all the time but when I am missing my family I go for the apple every time

  11. Kari says

    The cinnamon nuts from the carts, smelling them makes me happy! Dole whips, baklava, kaki gori, ohhh and cupcakes. I stay away from the scale for a few weeks after our trips.

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